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GS04 - 4024: Tools and Environments 2007/2008

This page contains references to course materials, hand-outs of slides that I am going to use during lectures, lab worksheets and model solutions for the tools and environments lab (GS04/4024).

Both lectures and lab sessions will be held in room MPEB 1.21

Lecture Notes

DateTime Type Topic Materials
07-Jan11-12LectureIntroduction Handouts
07-Jan11-12LecturePrinciples of IDEs Handouts
07-Jan12-13LectureProgram Editors Handouts
10-Jan10-11Lab Program Editors Worksheet
10-Jan11-12LectureThe Eclipse Platform Handouts
10-Jan12-13LectureContext-free Grammars Handouts
11-Jan10-11LectureDeveloping Eclipse Plug-ins Handouts
14-Jan11-12LectureObject and Model Management in IDEs Handouts
14-Jan12-13Lab Using the Java DOM in Eclipse JDT Worksheet
Sample Plug-in
Test Data
Model Solution
17-Jan10-11LectureStatic Analyzers Handouts
17-Jan11-12LectureSoftware Configuration Management Tools Handouts
17-Jan12-13LectureDebuggers Handouts
18-Jan10-11Lab Using the Java DOM in Eclipse JDT cont'd
21-Jan11-13LectureBuilding a static Analyzer Worksheet
Test Data
Model Solution
24-Jan10-11Lab Finding defects with a debugger Worksheet
24-Jan11-12Lab Using Subversion Worksheet
24-Jan12-13LectureBuild Management Handouts
25-Jan10-11Lab Build Management with ant Worksheet
28-Jan11-12LectureUnit Testing tools Handouts
28-Jan12-13Lab JUnit and Emma coverage analysis Worksheet
31-Jan10-11Lab Testing Web applications with httpunit Worksheet
31-Jan11-12Lab Mocking Objects with jMock Worksheet
31-Jan12-13LectureAcceptance Testing Tools Handouts
01-Feb10-11Lab FIT and Fitnesse Worksheet
04-Feb11-12LectureTools for testing software architecturesHandouts
04-Feb11-12Lab Performance testing web apps with JMeterWorksheet
07-Feb10-13 Lecturer unavailable - Personal revision
08-Feb10-11LectureGuest Lecture: the JetPac IDE of UBS Handouts

Reading List


I have set the following Coursework. Hand-in deadline is Monday 18th February 2008 at noon.

Mock Examination Paper

I have provided a mock exam paper and we have discussed the model solutions in the revision lecture.

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