3035/GZ01: Calendar

Detailed Class Calendar

Below follows a day-by-day calendar for the class, including reading assignments, lecture topics, courseworks, and the mid-term exam. Lecture notes will be posted immediately after each lecture.

The lecture on a given day assumes that students will have completed any reading assignment marked Pre-Reading (shown in the same day on the calendar) before lecture. Note that the reading assignments in P & D are from the fifth edition (5/e) of the text unless otherwise mentioned.

N.B. that all assigned readings are examinable.

Tuesday Thursday

1st Oct

Introduction to Networking and Network Architecture (BK)

Pre-Reading: P & D, Chapter 1 up to and including Section 1.3

Lecture Notes: pdf

3rd Oct

Multi-hop Networks and End-to-End Arguments (BK)

Pre-Reading: S & K, Chapter 7, Section 7.1

Pre-Reading: End-to-End Arguments in System Design

Lecture Notes: pdf

8th Oct

Controlling Errors (KJ)

Pre-Reading: P & D, Section 2.4

Lecture Notes: pptx, pdf

10th Oct

Medium Access Control: CDMA, ALOHA, and Ethernet (KJ)

Pre-Reading: P & D, Section 2.6

Pre-Reading: Ethernet: Distributed Packet Switching for Local Computer Networks

Lecture Notes: pptx, pdf

15th Oct

Wireless Networks: 802.11 MAC (BK)

Pre-Reading: P & D, Chapter 2, Section 2.7, only through and including 2.7.1

Lecture Notes: pdf

Optional Python programming exercise: TubeLab

17th Oct

Primitives for Achieving Reliability (KJ)

Pre-Reading: P & D, Section 2.5

Lecture Notes: pptx, pdf

Coursework 1 out (pdf); due 4:05 PM 24th October

22nd Oct

Introduction to Internetworking (KJ)

Reading: P & D, §§3.2, 4.1 (5/e); §§4.1, 4.3 (4/e)

Lecture Notes: pptx, pdf

24th Oct

Internetworking II: Virtual Networks, MPLS, and Traffic Engineering (KJ)

Pre-Reading: P & D, Section 4.3 (5/e), Section 4.5 (4/e)

Lecture Notes: pptx, pdf

The Domain Name System (KJ)

Pre-Reading: P & D, Section 9.3.1 (5/e), Section 9.1.3 (4/e)

Pre-Reading: S & K, DNS case study (pdf, UCL only)

Lecture Notes: pptx, pdf

Coursework 1 due

Coursework 2 out (pdf, software distribution); due 4:05 PM Friday 15th November

Coursework 2 Introduction slides: pdf

29th Oct

Reliable Transport and TCP Introduction (BK)

Pre-Reading: P & D, Chapter 5, Section 5.2

Optional Reading: S & K, Chapter 7, Section 7.5

Lecture Notes: pdf

31st Oct

TCP and Congestion Control (BK)

Pre-Reading: P & D, Chapter 6, Section 6.3

Pre-Reading: Congestion Avoidance and Control

Optional Reading: S & K, Chapter 7, Section 7.6

Lecture Notes: pdf

Coursework 3 out: TCP problem set (pdf); due 4:05 PM 19th November

5th Nov

Reading week; no lecture today!

7th Nov

Reading week; no lecture today!

12th Nov

Forwarding and Addressing in the Link Layer (KJ)

Pre-Reading: P & D, §3.1 (5/e); §§3.1, 3.2 (4/e)

Pre-Reading: Excerpt from Perlman: Interconnections (pdf, UCL only)

Lecture Notes: pptx, pdf

14th Nov

Midterm exam (first hour)

Coursework 2 due tomorrow, Friday 15th Nov, 4:05 PM

19th Nov

Intra-Domain Routing: Introduction and Distance-Vector (BK)

Pre-Reading: P & D, Chapter 3, Section 3.3, only through end of 3.3.2

Lecture Notes: pdf

Coursework 3 due

Coursework 4 out: DV Routing; (pdf) due 4:05 PM 3rd December

Coursework 4 Introduction slides: pdf

21st Nov

No lecture today!

26th Nov

Inside Internet Routers (KJ)

Pre-Reading: P & D, Section 3.4

Pre-Reading: Small Forwarding Tables for Fast Routing Lookups

Lecture Notes: pptx, pdf

28th Nov

Content Delivery on the Web: Compression, HTTP, and CDNs (KJ)

Pre-Reading: P & D, Section 9.4.3

Lecture Notes: pdf

3rd Dec

Intra-Domain Routing: Link-State (BK)

Pre-Reading: P & D, Chapter 3, Section 3.3.3

Lecture Notes: pdf

Coursework 4 due

5th Dec

Inter-Domain Routing: BGP (BK)

Pre-Reading: P & D, Chapter 4, Section 4.1.2

Pre-Reading: Balakrishnan, Lecture 4 Notes

Optional Reading: S & K, Chapter 7, Section 7.4

Lecture Notes: pdf

10th Dec

Inter-Domain Routing: BGP (cont'd) (BK)

Lecture Notes: pdf

12th Dec

Security: Firewalls, Worms, and IDSes (BK)

Pre-Reading: P & D, Chapter 8, Section 8.5

Lecture Notes: pdf