UCL MSc DCNDS Z15: Project Groups, 2003/04

Updated 06 September 2004

Group A

Project ZION: A Lightweight SEINIT based Security Framework Implementation for Pervasive Computing
(summary) (main report) (user guide)
Supervisor Steve Hailes
Group Kumardev Chatterjee
Fahd Shariff
Wasif Mehdi
Muhammad Solangi
Philip Ho

Group B

Project Automated Network Fault Inference Tool (ANFIT)
(summary) (main report) (user guide)
Supervisor Mark Handley
Group Zuraidah Sulaiman
Nazleeni Samiha Haron-Baharom
Norhidayah Omar

Group C

Winners of the Anvil Prize
Project Reliable asynchronous middleware for ad hoc networks
(summary) (main report) (user guide) (class diagrams) (use cases)
Supervisor Cecilia Mascolo
Group Liang Chen
Wai Git Teo
Kavitha Gupta
Christos Savvidis
Hai Tian Chen

Group D

Project Deployment in distributed computationial grids
(summary) (main report) (user guide) (developer guide)
Supervisor Wolfgang Emmerich
Group Deshuo Kong
Vesso Novov
Stefanos Koukoulas
Thomas Karampaxoglou
Dimitrios Tsalikis

Group E

Winners of the Nominum Prize
Project LINX network monitoring
(summary) (letter from CEO of LINX) (main report)
Supervisor Saleem Bhatti
Group Felipe Huici
Agron Fazliu
Alex Papitsch
George Savvides
Andreas Protopapas

Group F

Project Dynamically Routed VPNs with Policy Distribution
(summary) (main report)
Supervisor Steve Hailes
Group Oliver Priest
Ying Shi
Qian Yang
Kai Duan