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I'm a final year PhD student within the Centre for Medical Image Computing at University College London. CMIC is an interdisciplinary centre within the departments of Computer Science and Medical Physics & Bioengineering. I have been supervised by Professor Derek Hill, Dr Sébastien Ourselin, and Professor Nick Fox, who is at the Dementia Research Centre within the Institute of Neurology at UCL. I am also supervised by Dr Brandon Whitcher, who is based at GlaxoSmithKline. GSK, together with the EPSRC fund my PhD through a CASE Studentship. For further information, please download my CV in PDF format.


My research project is Longitudinal MR Imaging of Dementia — the use of three-dimensional structural Magnetic Resonance Imaging, together with computational image analysis and statistical methods, to investigate the chronological behaviour of dementias such as Alzheimer's Disease. Example applications include:

The work involves techniques from image processing and analysis, machine learning, and statistics, including topics such as:

The image below illustrates a simple example; it shows the cerebral atrophy over one year in an AD patient. In particular it highlights two alternative ways to visualise (and to quantify) structural change over time:

  1. The residual differences following low-dimensional (e.g. rigid or affine) image registration
  2. Measures derived from the displacement field of a high-dimensional warp between the images
Other alternatives include:

Longitudinal MR Imaging of Alzheimer's Disease — Example

An example of a patient with probable Alzheimer's Disease [anonymised data from the DRC, ION, UCL]. (a) Sections of a 3D T1-weighted MR Image. (b) The same, from a scan taken one year later, rigidly registered to the first. (c) A subtraction image indicating structural changes over time. (d) The determinant of the Jacobian matrix from a high-dimensional registration between the images — brighter colours indicate tissue expansion; darker, contraction or loss.

Analysis of local measures of change (such as the above Jacobian determinants) among a group of subjects, perhaps divided into sub-groups such as patient and control, requires that the different subjects be spatially normalised into correspondence — a challenging task due to the natural anatomical variability in the human brain. Furthermore, statistical analysis, and necessary preprocessing such as data-reduction, should take into account the different factors (or "modes") of variation: spatial, temporal, and individual (perhaps including nested factors such as different subjects within certain sub-groups).


Journal articles

Ridgway, G.; Omar, R.; Ourselin, S.; Hill, D.; Warren, J. & Fox, N.
Issues with threshold masking in voxel-based morphometry of atrophied brains.
(Code available)
Tofts, P. S.; Jackson, J. S.; Tozer, D. J.; Cercignani, M.; Keir, G.; Macmanus, D. G.; Ridgway, G. R.; Ridha, B. H.; Schmierer, K.; Siddique, D.; Thornton, J. S.; Wroe, S. J. & Fox, N. C.
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Conference papers

Modat, M., Ridgway, G., Taylor, Z., Hawkes, D., Fox, N. & Ourselin, S.
A Parallel-friendly Normalised Mutual Information Gradient for Free-Form Deformation.
SPIE Medical Imaging
(Please email for pre-print)
Ridgway, G.; Camara, O.; Scahill, R.; Crum, W.; Whitcher, B.; Fox, N. & Hill, D.
Longitudinal Voxel-Based Morphometry with Unified Segmenation: Evaluation on simulated Alzheimer's disease.
Medical Image Understanding and Analysis
2007, 201-205
(Please email for pre-print)
Camara, O.; Scahill, R.; Crum, W.; Schnabel, J.; Ridgway, G.; Hill, D. & Fox, N.
Evaluation of local and global atrophy measurement techniques with simulated Alzheimer's disease images.
Medical Image Understanding and Analysis
2007, 16-20
(MIUA Best Paper Award)
(Please email for pre-print)
Camara, O.; Scahill, R. I.; Schnabel, J. A.; Crum, W. R.; Ridgway, G. R.; Hill, D. L. G. & Fox, N. C.
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Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv
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Conference abstracts/posters

Ridgway, G. R.; Whitcher, B.; Hill, D. L. G. & Fox, N. C.
Longitudinal Multivariate Tensor- and Searchlight-Based Morphometry Using Permutation Testing.
14th annual meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping
(NIH Travel Award)
Nichols, T.; Ridgway, G.; Webster, M. & Smith, S.
GLM Permutation - Nonparametric inference for arbitrary general linear models.
14th annual meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping
Ridgway, G. R.; Scahill, R. I.; Hill, D. L. G. & Fox, N. C.
A Comparison of Voxel Compression Mapping and Longitudinal Voxel-Based Morphometry.
13th annual meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping
Scahill, R.; Ridgway, G.; Black, R.; Grundman, M.; Hill, D. & Fox, N.
ICAD IC-104-01 Regional distribution of grey matter changes in Abeta (AN1792) immunized patients with AD: A voxel-based morphometry analysis.
Alzheimer's & Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer's Association
2006, 2, 654-654
Ridgway, G.; Fox, N. & Hill, D.
Looking for patterns in brain atrophy - principal component analysis of structural MR images.
MIAS-IRC Spring-School, Oxford



Other contributions

I frequently offer help on the mailing lists for SPM and FSL, have helped to edit parts of the SPM WikiBook, and have contributed to CMIC's internal Wiki.


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