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Here you can find projects that were not done by me. If you write anything in XVR and would like to show it around send me the link and maybe a brief description. I will be happy to post it here.


Piazza dei Miracoli - Pisa

3D Statistics in XVR

This application is part of a project developed to present the Cathedral Square of Pisa. The website, in addition to several information regarding the square and its monuments, presents a fascinating travel in time realized with XVR.

You can hear about the history of the square (both English and Italian versions are available) and look at its evolution, seeing how monuments appear, move and disappear during centuries. A VCR-like tool bar is available to give you an easy access to this interactive movie. Yeah, interactive: in fact in every moment you can stop it and freely explore the 3d environment moving inside it your virtual camera, select some privileged point of view, change period and do your personal time travel.
(Marcello Carrozzino)


Bouncing Ball

When I was a child I was a proud owner of an Intellivision console. One of the simplest yet addictive games I ever played on it was a biplanes dogfight for two players.

As I wanted to test the capabilities of XVR as a fast-prototyping games machine, I decided to write my personal version of that game and that's it. It's a simple game but it shows a lot of XVR features: OpenGL wrapping, AVI textures, SoundFX management, collision detection and multiplying capabilities.

Try it with a friend and ...the last battle will hardly be actually the last.
(Marcello Carrozzino)

Pista sulla spiaggia (Cheecoting)

Bouncing Ball One of the most common pastimes in the warm italian summers at the seaside is the so-called "Cheecoting". Actually almost nobody in Italy can understand you if you propose to play cheecoting, but try with "giochiamo a palline?" and watch the results!

The game is a race of plastic marbles representing cyclists along a sand-made circuit: up to 4 players can play. Again, the game is pretty simple but nice and has some interesting features on the physical engine side. It's hosted on "Pagine 70", an italian well known website for the nostalgic of the 70's.
(Marcello Carrozzino)

Valdera 3D

Bouncing Ball This website is the product of a regional funded project, named ITITO, aiming at the wide divulgation of some environmental problems. In particular the presented application shows the results of a mathematical model simulating the soil erosion process caused by rain in Valdera, an italian area placed in the neighborhood of Pisa, that is represented in a panoramic 3d view.

The XVR application exploits dedicated algorithms related to the simplification of complex polygonal models generated from a height map, and to the recovering, by means of normal maps, of the details lost in the simplification process. The results are quite interesting.
(Marcello Carrozzino)

Cubetti (Cubes)

Bouncing Ball Another simple game, this time an educational one. It is basically a puzzle game for children, who have to reconstruct an image representing an old painting, mapped on several cubes.

From the technical point of view the script has some interesting points in the manipulation section, in order to allow to pick a cube in the 3d view using the mouse and dragging it on the desired position.
(Marcello Carrozzino)

Ragdolls Demo (16k)

Bouncing Ball This is a real-time physics demo that shows the integration of Tokamak into XVR. 10 rag dolls are falling down a large staircase. It shows the kind of performances that the XVR scripting language can achieve even dealing with complex tasks. In this case real-time collision detection is performed by the Tokamak library.

(Fabio Rossi)


Bouncing Ball This Here it is another (yet) unfinished game-oriented demo of XVR. It's the computer version of a classic "board" game. All the physics here is done in the scripting language. i

(Marcello Carrozzino)


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