Here you can find and download the latest version of the XVR development tools. XVR applications are written using the XVR studio (last stable build is the v1.3). Starting with this version of the developer studio it's possible to use the new engines of the family 013x that introduce support to C++ - like classes and real-time physics using the high-performance engine Tokamak.

IMPORTANT!: Please note that if you recompile existing projects with the build 131 compiler you NEED to change the engine version in the .html files to "0131" or you will get an error message.

Models exporters

FaFabioIn order to develop advanced content you'll sooner or later need some good quality 3D models in the native XVR format (.aam).

A free plugin is available to export 3D models in .aam format from Discreet 3DStudio Max (versions 5.x, 6.x, 7.x). As usual, it's a single file that you need to place in the "plugins" directory of 3DMAX.

Walter Aprile at PERCRO just started developing an exporter for Blender. Here is what he has to say: "Only the currently selected mesh will be exported. Materials are not dealt with, the object will have a generic grey material. The script has been tested with objects that have a large number of faces, but not with objects that have very strange geometries."

Model viewers:

At times it is convenient to have just a simple browser to have a look to some AAM models. Here you can find one:

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