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The XVR Project

Welcome to my "brand new" personal XVR Project Page. This page is dedicated to the development of 3D application for the web. On these pages I'll store all the material that I find interesting and I like to share. Please feel free to use anything you'll find around for any purpose. If you end-up with something interesting please drop me a line here.

All my applications are developed using XVR (that stands for eXtremeVR). XVR is a development environment that you can use to build advanced interactive applications and place them inside web pages. XVR handles 3D graphics perfectly fine, it's heavvily programming-oriented (no drag and drop here) and very, very powerful.

I used to be one of the developers working on this cool technology, before getting too busy with other things, but I still enjoy using it. Most of my development takes place at work, as I use XVR to build Virtual Reality applications. Actually, this is one of the best things about XVR: you can use it to build 3D webpages or complex HMD-trackers-gloves-haptics applications and it does not really makes that much difference. Anyway, if you want more informations about XVR you can find some here. Also, don't forget to leave your feedback in the XVR forums!

What 's new:


    - XVRStudio Lite V1.3 is now on line
    - New demo projects uploaded
    - New projects added to the Public Gallery
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