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Seminars, normally held in Room 229, Pearson Building at 1pm, are open to all.
Anyone willing to give a seminar should contact John Campbell.
If you wish to be notified of seminars, you should email ucl-cs-seminars-request@cs.ucl.ac.uk.
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Chair: Mel Slater
Speaker: Tom Quick, UCL
Embodiment and emergence - attaining autonomy and adaptation in software the natural way.

20 January
Chair: Louise Clark
Speaker: Ann Blandford, Middlesex University
Modelling users, devices and domains for usability evaluation

Chair: Mel Slater
Speaker: Alberto De Souza, UCL
Dynamically Scheduling the Trace Produced During Program Execution into VLIW Instructions

Speaker: Joao Oliveira, UCL
3D Geometric Level of Detail

10 February
Chair: Simon Arridge
Speaker: Olivier Coulon
Multiscale analysis of cerebral functional activation maps

16 February NOTE: Tuesday, not Wednesday
Chair: Anthony Finkelstein
Speaker: Mark Ryan, University of Birmingham
Features of software systems

23 February NOTE: Tuesday, not Wednesday
Chair: Simon Arridge
Speaker: Dr. V. Dicken, Universitat Potsdam
Simultaneous Activity and Attenuation Reconstruction in Emission Tomography, a nonlinear inverse Problem.

24 February
Chair: Bernard Buxton
Speaker: Edwin Hancock, University of York
Segmenting and matching triangulated representations of shape

Chair: Mel Slater
Speaker: Louise Clark, UCL
Conceptual Design - Designing Interfaces for Network Services

Speaker: Gillian Wilson, UCL
The relationship between media quality and user cost in networked multimedia applications

10 March
Chair: Sean Holden
Speaker: Christophe Giraud-Carrier, University of Bristol
Hybrid Models in Machine Learning

24 March
Chair: B.Buxton
Speaker: Shimon Edelman, University of Sussex
Core problems in high-level vision


28 April
Chair: B.Buxton
Speaker: Tim Cootes, University of Manchester
Active Appearance Models

6 May Thursday
Chair: Simon Arridge
Speaker: Chris Johnson, Center for Scientific Computing and Imaging, University of Utah
Interactive Simulation and Visualization: Applications to Large-Scale Computational Problems

12 May
Chair: Angela Sasse
Speaker: John Adams, Dept. of Geography
The Millenium Bug and other Virtual Risks

19 May
Chair: Sean Holden
Speaker: John Shawe-Taylor, Dept of Computer Science, Royal Holloway, University of London
Robust Bounds on Generalization from the Margin Distribution

13 July Tuesday
NOTE: New date
New location: Room 127 Pearson Building
Chair: Mel Slater
Speaker: Brian A. Barsky, Professor of Computer Science, Affiliate Professor of Optometry and Vision Science, University of California, Berkeley <barsky@cs.berkeley.edu>
The OPTICAL Project: OPtics and Topography Involving the Cornea And Lens


8 October Friday
Chair: John Crowcroft
Speaker: Steve Deering, Cisco Systems.
Watching the Waist of the Protocol Hourglass

19 November NOTE: Friday in Room 203
Chair: Louise Sheeran
Speaker: Ann Light, COGS, Sussex University
Interacting through Websites: Why a Communication Model is Useful

8 December
Chair: John Campbell
Speaker: Dr Volodya Vovk, Dept. of Computer Science, Royal Holloway and Bedford New College
Transductive Confidence Machines

15 December
Chair: John Campbell
Speaker: Jon Crowcroft , Dept. of Computer Science, UCL
Herding Cats? - Why Measuring the Internet is Better than Trying to Control it through Modelling

17 December
Chair: Jonathan Howell
Speaker: Amela Sadagic , Advanced Network & Services, Armonk NY
National Tele-immersion Initiative (NTII): Visions and Challenges

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