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Advanced Software Engineering 2003/2004

This page contains the lecture notes that I have used in the first half of the term for Advanced Software Engineering (3C05) as well as electronic copies of the hand-outs prepared for the seminar in the second half.

  1. Introduction
  2. Embedded Software and Systems Engineering
  3. Project Planning and Scheduling
  4. Risk Management
  5. Standards
  6. Unified Software Development Process
  7. eXtreme Programming
  8. Software Quality
  9. Software Process Improvement
  10. Requirements Engineering
  11. Testing and Inspections
  12. Component-based Software Engineering

  13. Pattern-oriented Software Architecture (Further Reading)
  14. UML Extension Mechanisms (Further Reading)
  15. Object Constraint Language (Further Reading)
  16. Model Checking (Further Reading)
  17. Program Slicing (Further Reading)
  18. Distributed Software Architectures and Middleware (Further Reading)
  19. Distributed Objects and Components (Further Reading)
  20. Model Driven Architecture (Further Reading)
  21. Enterprise Application Integration (Further Reading)

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