GraphCrunch 2:
Software tool for network modeling, alignment and clustering

Oleksii Kuchaiev, Aleksandar Stevanovic, Wayne Hayes, Natasa Przulj

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Screenshots of GraphCrunch 2

Example of computing network properties for 2 networks, yeast2 and human1, displaying their clustering coefficient, average path length and degree distribution in log-log scale. Pairwise data analysis screen, showing the initial selection of two network groups scheduled to be compared to each other. Example of Data Vs Models Analysis scheduling window, displaying a selection 5 virus networks scheduled to be compared to 11 different model types each generating 30 model instances.
Graphic plot of the results for the virus data vs model analysis, displaying RGF distance for selected subset of models. Example of GRAAL topological allignment between 2 networks, yeast2 and human1 and their coresponding node alignment. Example of signature similarities based clustering, run on previously computed Krogan High confidence signature similarities for K=15 clusters.