GraphCrunch 2:
Software tool for network modeling, alignment and clustering

Oleksii Kuchaiev, Aleksandar Stevanovic, Wayne Hayes, Natasa Przulj

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Download GraphCrunch 2

A bug is fixed in GraphCrunch 2 - version 2.1.1. If you downloaded GraphCrunch 2 before 03 April 2011, please download the updated version from one of the links provided below. We are sorry for the inconvenience !

GraphCrunch 2 is available for download in the following packages:

* We encourage you to use Windows version since all tests in the paper were performed using Windows version. You might need to re-compile Linux version yourself if you are using distribution other than Ubuntu.

GraphCrunch 2 uses QT 4.6 framework for GUI, Qwt 5.2.1 library for graphic plots and LEDA 6.2 library for computational tasks. For windows platform, GraphCrunch 2 already provides all the necessary libraries and files to run on your computer. On Linux OS, GraphCrunch installation already includes necessary support for LEDA and Qwt libraries, however you will need to have QT library installed as well. If you are using KDE desktop environment, QT will already be installed, otherwise (for instance if using Gnome) you will have to install it manually. Finally, if you already have QT installed it may be necessary to upgrade it as version before 4.5 are not supported.

If you wish to modify and/or extend GraphCrunch you will need to access to all the libraries and Qt framework mentioned above together with the source code of GraphCrunch 2. Graphcrunch 2 is released under GPL licence and we encourage any subsequent development and extensions of the application.

In addition to the default sample networks already provided with default GraphCrunch 2 package, you may find the following additional sample networks useful:

Bug Fixes