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Note: the slides on this page come from a number of sources and are targetted at different audiences from undergraduate to commercial. Unless otherwise stated, the slides are solely about the chapter they are listed under. They are intended to cover a 50 minute presentation and can be used independently of other slides.

We present the slides as three main sets: the first is a set of slides to give enough material to cover a 30 hour undergraduate course. This course, as suggested in the book's preface, skips over much of the detail of radiance equation and color, but then follows the book up to chapter 17. Later material can be added or skipped as desired. In particular OpenGL and VRML might be introduced as early as necessary for coursework or to back up chapters on scene-graphs or real-time shading.

The second set of slides comprises a short intense course of six 90 minute sessions. These slides cover several topics in one session, sometimes fleetingly, so each is listed against several chapters.

The final set of slides contains variations on material, or slides that expand beyond the material in the book.

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ChapterMain CourseShort CourseMiscellaneous

Part One: Introduction: Perception,Light, Colour, and Math

CHAPTER 1 Introduction: A Phantom World of Projections

CHAPTER 2 Mathematics for Virtual Environments

CHAPTER 3 Lighting - the Radiance Equation

CHAPTER 4 Color and The Human Response to Light

Part Two: From Realism to Real-Time I

CHAPTER 5 A Painting Metaphor for Computer Graphics

CHAPTER 6 Local Illumination and Ray Tracing

CHAPTER 7 Generalising the Camera

CHAPTER 8 Constructing a Scene

CHAPTER 9 Projection: Completing the Camera Model

CHAPTER 10 Clipping Polygons

CHAPTER 11 Visibility Determination

CHAPTER 12 Rendering Polygons

CHAPTER 13 Image Space Rendering and Texturing

Part Three: From Real-Time to Realism

CHAPTER 14 Shadows: Towards Real-time Realism

CHAPTER 15 An Introduction to Radiosity

CHAPTER 16 Faster Ray Tracing

CHAPTER 17 Clipping and Rendering Lines

Part Four: Solids, Curves and Surfaces

CHAPTER 18 Constructive Solid Geometry

CHAPTER 19 Introduction to Computer Aided Geometrical Design

Part Five: Dynamics and Interaction in Virtual Environments

CHAPTER 20 Human Dynamics in a Virtual World

CHAPTER 21 Real-Time Interaction

Part Six: From Realism to Real-Time II

CHAPTER 22 Ray Based Methods for Global Illumination

CHAPTER 23 Advanced Real-Time Rendering for Virtual Environments


Appendix A Introduction to VRML
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