This page describes my research projects and the corresponding publications.

Machine Learning and Optimisation

We use variational autoencoders to learn representations for better search spaces in optimisation.

Computational Modelling of Human Personalities in Teamwork

We use agent-based modelling to understand how individuals with difference personalities work together as a team to solve problems. We use genetic algorithms to optimise the best teams and understand personality combinations that are effective for different tasks.

As part of this project, we also organised annual workshops at the Artificial Life Conference (ALIFE).

We are also guest editors of the Artificial Life Journal Special Issue on Agent-Based Modelling of Human Behaviour and have been invited to write a review paper on the topic for WIREs Cognitive Science.

Social Networks, Stakeholder Identification and Analysis

I study online social networks and develop novel methods to identify stakeholders, analyse them and also understand their needs. I apply the methods to real-world projects and develop tool support for the methods.

Computational Modelling of Mobile App Stores

I used agent-based modelling to understand user and app developer behaviours in the Apple App Store. This work has been featured in New Scientist. I also collected a very large and international dataset of mobile app user behaviour.

Systems of Systems Engineering

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Human Computer Interaction

Search-based Software Engineering

Requirements Change Management

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