"People who don't use computers are more sociable, reasonable, and ... less twisted" (Arthur Norman)

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I am the Director of Studies and a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, University College London. This chart shows where I sit in the departmental food chain.

Professional background

I was an undergraduate at Trinity College Cambridge and then a PhD student in the Cambridge University Computer Lab, working in the field of distributed object-based programming languages.

Following this, I joined the Department of Computer Science at UCL as a Research Fellow, undertaking the first public demonstration of video conferencing over UK academic networks.

Shortly afterwards I was made a lecturer, and then, in 2000, a senior lecturer. I have been Director of Studies since 1st Jan 2003.

Research Interests

I am interested in all aspects of mobile systems and security. But most particularly in the hard bits; ad hoc systems, pervasive/ambient computing environments, and how to secure these things. I also retain a quiet interest in multimedia.

I'm currently the PI of the MARS project, which is a collaborative project in conjunction with BT looking at building middleware components for trust management in pervasive environments, and the CoI on SEINIT, an EC Framework 6 Integrated Project looking at securing ambient networks. Finally, I will be PI and the project Technical Manager for RUNES, which is a largish Framework 6 IP, looking at networked embedded systems. RUNES is due to start on 1st September 2004.

My past projects include: 6WINIT an EC framework 5 project; some EPSRC funded projects (PIMMS, MOSQUITO, and MEDAL); and UKERNA funded projects such as ACOL and TITAN.

Aside from mobile systems and security, I have broad interests in teaching methodology particularly in future environments. Thus for example, a heavily revised second edition of The Digital University: Building a Learning Community was published in 2002.

Personal Information

My wife, Helen, is an organic chemist at UCL. We have two children, who absorb a considerable amount of our time and energy.

I love being in wild places and visit Dartmoor as often as I can.

I’m a member of the National Association for Gifted Children, the National Trust, and the Henry Doubleday Research Association.

I strongly believe that those of us who are fortunate to live in a country where the availability of fundamentals such as clean water, health, and education are taken for granted should give something back to the wider world community. Visit the World Vision site.

Contact: Dr. Stephen Hailes