“Qui ipse sibi sapiens prodesse non quit nequiquam sapit.” (Cicero)

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Research interests

My research interests lie in the fields of mobile systems and security, though I retain an interest in multimedia with recent work in networked animation systems. Mobile systems, particularly ad hoc systems, provide a complex environment in which there is plenty of virgin territory to explore, and for which there are both intellectually stimulating and industrially relevant areas to examine. So far as security is concerned, I have consulted in the area, and am currently involved in projects exploring the crossover between AI and security in robust systems, and secure ambient IPv6 systems, though I have further interests in human factors as applied to the design and implementation of secure systems.

Along with Cecilia Mascolo, I coordinate the activities of the mobile systems group.

Current Projects

RUNES (PI and Technical Manager): An EC- funded, Framework 6 (call 2) Integrated Project, started on 1st September 2004, aimed at researching and developing a reconfigurable infrastructure for networked embedded systems.

SEINIT (coI): An EC-funded Framework 6 (call 1) Integrated Project aimed at constructing a secure and dependable framework for ambient computing environments.

MARS (PI): A BT/UCL collaboration run from UCL@Adastral.Park aimed at building resilient, dependable and fault-tolerant access control systems for ambient computing environments.

CLEF services: An MRC funded project that aims to remove barriers to the use of biomedical data by providing appropriate assurance about privacy. 

Power aware networking: an EPSRC CASE studentship with Philips Research Labs at Redhill

Recent Projects

6WINIT: An ICT project exploring secure mobile IPv6 deployment using clinical testbeds.

PIMMS: An EPSRC project in secure multimedia applications for mobile environments

Research Students

The following are active research students:

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