“I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think” (Socrates)

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I am resonsible for two modules at present:

COMP0128: Robotic Control Theory and Systems. The aim of this course is to provide the basic theory required for solving control problems in robotics and autonomous systems from a practitioner's point of view - meaning that you will be expected to produce code that works on real and simulated systems. The course presents theory and methodology for analysis and modelling of systems and signals, and methods for the design and synthesis of feedback controllers. Students will gain insight into robotics and autonomous systems control theory and practice, specifically:

  • Control loops. damping, feedback and stability analysis with a working understanding about how these are used for navigating a robot within an environment;
  • Insight into developing a working prototype of a control system for a robot that solves a specific task.

The course encompasses both theory and practice, and, in the latter, will use both simulation and mobile robots as exemplars, as appropriate. Programming will start a low (embedded system) level.

ENGF0001: Engineering CHallenges. I run the CS part of Engineering Challenge 1, and also am part of the team delivering challenge 2. Challenge 1 is to build a computer. From scratch, And run a program (that you've written) on it. It will likely be the world's slowest computer; but it will be a computer nevetheless - yours. To do this is challenging (!) and will require thought, a lot of effort and a high degree of professionalism. You will make mistakes - we all do - but I expect you to persist; there is help available, but you need first to learn to try to solve the problem for yourselves. And, preferably, to minimise the number of problems you face in the first place by testing everything as thoroughly as you can - you will rapidly learn that this is time well invested.


My project suggestions can be found at http://tahini.cs.ucl.ac.uk:8000/Projects



Contact: Stephen Hailes