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MSc in Medical Image Computing

The UCL Centre for Medical Image Computing (CMIC) is launching a new Postgraduate MSc Medical Image Computing in September 2007. The MSc is structured to support full-time students and those currently in employment, equipping them to participate effectively in a research, industrial or healthcare environment.

The interdisciplinary course draws on expertise from groups in Medical Physics, Computer Science, Anatomy and the Centre for Healthcare and Multiprofessional Education within UCL. The course will provide a rigorous background in medical image acquisition coupled with state-of-the-art medical image analysis for diagnosis and therapy.

The MSc comprises the following modules taught in the first two terms.
A research project forms one third of the course and will be undertaken either at UCL in one of the europe's largest Medical Imaging research groupings, or at a collaborating organisation.

  •  Foundations of Anatomy and Scientific Computing
  •  Physics for Imaging and Therapy
  •  Computing and Statistics in Medicine
  •  Medical Imaging (Ionising)
  •  Medical Imaging (Non-Ionising)
  •  Computer Assisted Radiology
  •  Information Processing in Medical Imaging
  •  Image Directed Analysis and Therapy

A limited number of EPSRC funded awards are available to eligible students.

There will be an Open Day in the afternoon of Friday 20 April at UCL, further details ....

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Last modified 15 March, 2007.