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Welcome to the Genetic Programming Home Page. This page was originally created by Adam Fraser at Salford University, and is now maintained by Adil Qureshi.

Genetic Programming FAQs

Adam 'htmlised' the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about genetic programming and also created a FAQ for his own code from some of the questions people have asked him. Note that the GP is a very dynamic field and the FAQ may well have material which is out of date, do not mail me but mail the people talked about in the FAQ !

Genetic Programming FAQ
Genetic Programming in C++ FAQ

Mailing list

People who do GP

There is a short (but getting longer...every single day) of the odd, but kinda cute people who do GP.

Software Available

Please set your viewer to 'LOAD TO DISK' and then select a program.

Praise be to Tony Povoas for helping with ftp connections.

Genetic Programming in C++ (Version 0.40) Source Code...

For DOS and Windows
For UNIX :gpc++-0.4.tar.gz

Genetic Programming in C++ (Version 0.40) Documentation...

For DOS and Windows

Koza's Genetic Programming in LISP

From the book 'Genetic Programming II' litlflet.lsp
The lil-gp implementation from GARAGe


As well as people working on GP, there is an ftp site...
genetic research
GP FTP directory Contain lots of GP resources, including mirror of (later copied to

And You Could Always Try These Sites...

ENCORE Evolutionary Computation Archive, huge amount of information and very funny.
Further GP links
Evolutionary computation at Source Forge

Where to publish work on Genetic Programming and Conferences

As predicted this did date rather:-(, however you could try looking at and

Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference

GECCO digital lizard logo

Journal of Genetic Programming and Evolutionary Hardware

GP+EM cover

Past Conferences

EVOLUTIONARY COMPUTATION Special Issue on Evolutionary Methods for Program Induction

The 1st Online Workshop on Soft Computing (WSC1) 19 Aug (Mon) - 30 Aug 1996 (Fri)

Genetic Programming Conference (GP-96) July 28 - 31 (Sunday - Wednesday), 1996. Note SAB-96 format will be acceptable for GP-96. Local copy of Style files.

GP-96 Late breaking papers. Deadline Wednesday, July 3, 1996

MENDLE 96: 2nd International Mendel Conference on Genetic Algorithms, June 26 - 28, 1996 Brno, Czech Republic
PPSN - Parallel Problem Solving from Nature Berlin, September 22 - 27, 1996
MALFO96 - The First International Workshop on Machine Learning, Forecasting, and Optimization Spain, July 9-12, 1996
Alan C. Schultz's Calendar of EC-related events
EP-96: Evolutionary Programming. 29 Feb - 3 Mar 96.
WEC2: Second Online Workshop on Evolutionary Computation Evolutionary Programming. Mar. 4 (Mon) - Mar. 22 (Fri)
AAAI GP Symposium, Cambridge Mass,USA Archive collective brainstorming
Int. Conf. on GAs in Engineering Applications, Sheffield UK
First Nordic Workshop on GAs, Finland
AISB Evolutionary Computation Workshop, Sheffield UK
Practice and Future of Autonomous Agents, Switzerland
PPSN 1 - 3 Parallel Problem Solving from Nature

Past Publications

The complete GP Bibliography,
A Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies www search

Interactive Genetic Art & Music

Sorry all these links appear to be dead:-(

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