Advances in Software Engineering 
for Distributed Systems

This page contains the slides that I am going to use in the first term term 98/99 when teaching Software Engineering to students on the DCNDS MSc Course of the Computer Science Dept. I am developing the site while I am preparing myself for the course, so you may have to be patient...

     0.  Preface

  1. Introduction

  2. Guest Lecture

  3. Defining an Object-Oriented Development Process

  4. Object-Orientation

  5. Object-Orientation (cont'd)

  6. Requirements Model

  7. Analysis Model

  8. Requirements Tutorial Worksheet and Answersheet

  9. Design Model

  10. Distributed Objects

  11. Designing Distributed Objects

  12. Design Patterns

  13. Analysis Model Tutorial (Worksheet and Answersheet)

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Wolfgang Emmerich
Updated on: 16/12/1998