Distributed Systems 98/99

This page contains the lecture notes that I am going to use in the second term 98/99 when teaching Distributed Systems to MSc students of the Electrical Engineering Dept. 

  1. Distributed Systems and Telecom (Guest Lecture by Prof. Steve Wilbur)
  2. Distributed System Case Studies
  3. Distributed System Principles
  4. Object Models for Distributed Systems
  5. The Unified Modeling Language
  6. Designing Distributed Objects

  7. Principles of Distribution Middleware
  8. Case Study: OMG/CORBA
  9. Case Study: Microsoft COM
  10. Case Study: Java/RMI
  11. Resolving Programming Language Heterogeneity
  12. Resolving Hardware and Operating System Heterogeneity

  13. Genericity
  14. Advanced Communication
  15. Naming
  16. Trading
  17. Distributed Object Life Cycle
  18. Mobility (Guest Lecture by Dr. Steve Hailes)

  19. Persistence
  20. Concurrency Control
  21. Transactions
  22. Distributed Transaction Processing
  23. Encryption and Key Distribution
  24. Authentication, Access Control, Auditing and Non-Repudiation

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Wolfgang Emmerich
Updated on: 01/06/1998