About our work

Using argumentation to reason with clinical evidence

We are interested in the use of artificial intelligence techniques to analyse healthcare related datasets.

We use the summarised results of randomised trials as an input, and use computational argumentation techniques to reason with them.

Our lung chemoradiotherapy work involves updating and merging existing systematic reviews, extracting the data from the trials and constructing arguments from clinical trial findings and presenting the inter-relationship between them as superiority graphs. Our technique is a data visualisation and decision making aid, and complements traditional meta-analysis methods.

We chose lung chemoradiotherapy as an initial area of work because of both its clinical importance and the wide degree of variety in the published literature. However, we are always interested in looking for new clinical areas to work on, and would be keen to hear from you if you have a topic you are interested in.

We are clinicians and computer scientists, and some of us are both. You can find links to some of our other work here.

Lung Chemoradiotherapy

Our systematic review and computational analysis of chemo-radiotherapy regimens for lung cancer.

Brain Metastases

Systematic review and computational analysis on the treatment of brain metastases

The people

Matt Williams
Anthony Hunter
Zi Wei Liu