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W.Langdon							29 Dec 2021 now in

W. B. Langdon and B. F. Buxton. 
Genetic Programming for Mining DNA Chip data from Cancer Patients. GP+EM

GPinc.tar.gz fastest single computer GP EuroGP 2021
GPavx.tar.gz fastest single computer GP RN/19/01

Code for genetic improvment via data for various GNU C library support
routines cbrt, log, 1/x, x**(-0.5)

demo of Koza's alg to use only 2 extra buffers for generational GA
cf SIGEVOLution, 2020 13(4) p2-4 doi:10.1145/3430913.3430914

exact_marp0.awk for "Exact Mean Absolute Error of Baseline Predictor, MARP0",
WB Langdon, et al., Information and Software Technology

Genetic Improvement system to evolve better pknotsRG: pknotsGI.tar.gz

Genetic Improvement system for better BarraCUDA: barracuda_gp.tar.gz
Training data for BarraCUDA:                     see directory barracuda_0.7.105/
Current release

Genetic Improvement system to evolve better NiftyReg niftycuda.tar.gz
Improved code for NiftyReg                           nifty_reg-1.3.9_patch.tar.gz

GI system to evolve better StereoCamera: StereoCamera_1_1.tar.gz
Training images:                         StereoImages.tar.gz
Geneticaly Improved StereoCamera:

Genetic Improvement of Bowtie2: see  directory bowtie2gp

BNF grammar and training examples for CUDA gzip code langdon_2010_cigpu.tar.gz

Sub machine code GP running under CUDA for nVidia GPU/Tesla gp32cuda.tar.gz (v1.1)

Nuclear Protien localisation test dataset wbl_gecco2004lb_protein.tar.gz

GPU Genetic programming C++ code gpu_gp_2.tar.gz gp32cuda.tar.gz

Genetic programming C++ code

Genetic programming C++ code to evolve data structures

GPdata-3.0.tar.gz contains a version of Andy Singleton's GP-Quick
version 2.1 which has been extensively altered to support:

        Indexed memory operation (cf. teller)
        multi tree programs
        parameter changes without recompilation
        populations partitioned into demes
        (A version of) pareto fitness

Like GP-Quick, this software is free for non commercial use and is

Some documentation included. See also
GPdata-3.0.test.tar.gz contains sample output

Major changes since GPdata-20-aug-95.tar.Z 
GPdata-3.0.tar.gz superceeds previous versions. Now includes support for 

ant     Original ant problem, and upgrade used in bloat paper in WSC2
stack   Evolve a stack data structure                           ICGA-95
queue   Evolve a queue data structure                           ICGA-95
list    Evolve a list data structure                            AiGP2
brack   Evolve nested bracket language recogniser               GP-96
karp    Evolve dyck language recogniser                         GP-96
rpn     Evolve Reverse Polish Notation calculator               GP-96
max     Studies of MAX problem (largest possible value tree)    GP-97

Major changes since GPdata-1-dec-94.tar.Z (from work on list problem)

New Primitives
	forewhile and other loops, print, swap, FUNC
	more flexibity on different memory index errors

Pareto Elitism and Niching

Directed crossover (at tree level)
CPU usage as part of fitness function

Code speedups
	Reusing fitness information by offspring
	Reduce memory required by population	

Support  for
	Separate test script, including multiple test phases.
	(gzipped) checkpoint file.
	gcc version 2.6.3
	Improved error checking on loading an individual

Better display of population statistics
	frequency of primitive usage.
	Add monitoring lost primitives and problem dependent
		combinations of primitives.
	some offline gnuplot support.

GPdata_gp96.test.tar.Z (replaced by grammar_test_ilp.tar.gz)
Contains three sets of test cases for the problems described in The problems are recognising balanced brackets, balanced
brackets of different types and evaluation reverse polish integer
expressions. See Chapter 7 "Genetic Programming and Data Structures".

C++ code for random tree fitness decribed in PPSN'2000 paper
"Genetic Programming Bloat without Semantics" 

GProc-1.1.tar.gz to GProc-1.8.tar.gz
----------------    ----------------
C++ code for using GP to combine existing classifiers. Uses reciever
operating characteristics of composite classifier to guide
evolutionary search. Contains SUN and WindowsNT executables.
Technique described in (for example) "Genetic Programming for Combining
Neural Networks for Drug Discovery", W. B. Langdon and S. J. Barrett
and B. F. Buxton, Soft Computing and Industry Recent Applications,
597-608, Springer Verlag. Published 2002.  genetic/papers/WBL_wsc6.pdf

dgpc.tar.gz c2003dgpcdave.pdf
----------- -----------------
Dave's [Andre] Genetic Programming Code, C
Copied (8 August 2004) from

tiny_gp/ Riccardo Poli's Tiny GP in C

polygp.tar.gz copy of via George Gerules

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95 files