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Hello, welcome to the UCL GP ftp archive.  In this directory you can find
GP related resources such as papers and code.  The directories in this
archive are described below.
    This is a mirror of the GP ftp site of the same name as the
    directory.  This copy was taken in 1995. The (later
    moved to and
    started at site was previously the main GP ftp
    site, and contains lots of GP papers and implementations.

    In this directory you will find papers that are NOT in the
    ftp site.  So to get everything, you should really get everything from
    the mirror papers directory, and this directory.

    This directory is analogous to the papers directory and contains code note
    avaliable at the site.

    Please feel free to upload papers or code that you think might be useful
    to the GP community here.  You must follow any transfers with a mail
    message to provide details about the resource and where it has been
    obtained.  The email addres is provided below.

    THE GP bibliography...

    Lots of fun GA code...

    A neat MS Windows demo of GAs.  Tries to evolve a matching string, has
    various graphs etc.

    lots of misc stuff...


    Bill Landon


    Adil Qureshi


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