Tim Gordon


I am a PhD student at University College London.

Research Interests:

My research interests lie in the area of Evolutionary Computation (EC), the field of problem solving using algorithms inspired by evolution. I am particularly interested in using evolution to design circuits, which is commonly dubbed “evolvable hardware”.

Current Work:

My current work focuses on the introduction of a generative mapping stage, based on biological development, to the evolvable hardware process. The purpose of doing this is to allow evolvable hardware to be used to design more complex circuits. I am also investigating various methods of improving the evolvability of such developmental systems, and the effects that developmental processes have on the ability of evolvable hardware to innovate at low design abstractions.


My publications to date can be found here.

Other Stuff:

Slides and handouts for 4C57/GI06 Evolutionary Systems lectures on hardware evolution (slides) (handouts) and development (slides) (handouts).

For my MSc project I worked with The National Grid Company plc on scheduling planned maintenance of power lines using genetic algorithms. You can read the project abstract here, or download a gzipped postscript version of the full dissertation here. Another technique was used by W.B. Langdon in his PhD Thesis.

I am a member of nUCLEAR, the nexus for University College London Evolutionary Algorithm Research. This is an informal sub-group of the Intelligent Systems Group at UCL.

I am supervised by Peter Rounce and Peter Bentley.

I work as a system administrator for Barrett Cernis and Andrew Robson Bridge Club.

Contact Details:


Department of Computer Science
University College London
Gower Street


+44 20 7679 3701


+44 20 7679 1397



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