Tomaso Aste

Head, Financial Computing & Analytics Group

Director, MSc Financial Risk Management

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Selected publications

Information Filtering
  • F. Pozzi, T. Di Matteo & T. Aste, "Spread of risk across financial markets: better to invest in the peripheries", Scientific Reports 3 (2013) 1665. •Jozef Barunik, Tomaso Aste, Tiziana Di Matteo and
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Scaling Laws
  • Raffaello Morales, T. Di Matteo, Tomaso Aste, Non stationary multifractality in stock returns, Physica A  392 (2013) 6470–6483.
  • Ruipeng Liu, “Understanding the source of multifractality in financial markets”, Physica A, 391 (2012) 4234–4251.
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  • T. Di Matteo, T. Aste and M. M. Dacorogna, "Scaling behaviors in differently developed markets", Physica A 324 (2003) 183-188.

Market Dependency Structure
  • F. Pozzi, T. Di Matteo and T. Aste, “Exponential Smoothing Weighted Correlations”, Eur. Phys. J. B, 85 (2012) 175 (21 pages).
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Complex Systems
  • T. Aste and T. Di Matteo, “Introduction to complex and Econophysics systems: a navigation map” Lecture Notes in Complex Systems Vol.9 (World Scientific, Singapore 2010) 1-35.
  • T. Di Matteo and T. Aste, "How does the Eurodollar Interest Rate behave?", Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance, 5 (2002) 122-127. (arXiv:cond-mat/0101009, 2001).

Complex Matter
  • T. Aste, P. Butler and T. Di Matteo, Self-referential order, Philosophical Magazine (2013) Doi: 10.1080/14786435.2013.835495.
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