About me

I am a Research Associate in the Department of Computer Science at UCL working on aerial robotics. My research addresses problems of control and learning in the domain of highly dynamic vehicles such as miniature rotorcrafts, and has a strong focus on real world systems.

Before joining UCL I studied at the University of Essex and obtained a PhD in Computer Science under the supervision of Prof. Owen Holland.
During my final years of study I also worked as research engineer at Swarm Systems Ltd a very dynamic SME to whom I still provide consultancy.
I hold a degree in Telecommunication Engineering form the University of Padua.

For more details on my background and expertise you can have a look at my CV.


I currently collaborate on two research projects (CompLACS,SUAAVE) under the advice of Prof. Stephen Hailes, Prof. John Shawe-Taylor and Dr. Simon Julier.

complacs CompLACS:
Composing Learning for Artificial Cognitive Systems

suaave SUAAVE:
Sensing, Unmanned, Autonomous Aerial VEhicles

In both project I am responsible for the system-level architecture and for the operation of a set of quadrotor UAVs; often this include conducting outdoor flight tests (photos...).

If you are a company or an individual interested in our activities and would like to know more, feel free to drop me an e-mail.


For the past years I have been a TA for the following modules:


These and the associated citation indexes are also on my Google Scholar profile.



Organizational Activities

  • GLOBECOM 2011, Wireless Networking for Unmanned Aoutonomous Vehicles Workshop (Wi-UAV), technical committee.


QRSim, the quadrotor helicopters simulator that I am developing for the CompLACS project is now available on github under Modified BSD license:

  • QRSim quadrotors simulator

Other code that I wrote or contributed to finds place on my github account:

  • Jgpml Java library for Gaussian Process regression
  • uclrn.sty Latex stylesheet for UCL-CS research note documents

Unfortunately, a lot of other software that I write for my day to day research is not sufficiently organised to be released; however, if you are interested in any of the code related to my publications, feel free to contact me.