Patrick McCorry

I am a Research Associate under the supervision of Sarah Meiklejohn. Previously, I visited Andrew Miller at UIUC and completed my PhD with Feng Hao at Newcastle University.

At heart I am an Engineer and interests include cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, cryptography and decentralised systems.

Why Cryptography? It is not just about hiding information (encryption) - it is about minimising trust (i.e. trusting mathematics, not humans).


Peer review activities


I have had the pleasure of presenting to the following audiences (slides and videos):


Awards that I have been lucky to win:

Before the (emotional roller coaster) PhD

In my past life, I graduated 1st in my class with a BSc (Hons) Computer Science with Industrial Placement and during this course I had two jobs:

  1. Intern Software Engineer for CICS (Customer Information Control Systems) and CPSM (CICSPlex System Management) at IBM,
  2. Supervisor @ Subway for 5 years, working alongside Moffy.

Contact details

My Linkedin profile and curriculum vitae.

I will talk to anyone who wants to talk to me and can be contacted at

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