About Me

Currently an Honorary Research Associate in the department, I had been a  Research Fellow in the VR group in the Department of Computer Science at UCL from September 2001 to November 2007. I had also been a part-time PhD student supervised by Prof. Mel Slater and also worked on the Virtual Light Field project along with Prof. Mel Slater, Jesper Mortensen and Insu Yu.

My research interests lie in global illumination, real-time photorealistic rendering, dynamics in illuminated environments, parallel rendering, physically correct light transport, presence and virtual environments.

Before joining the department as a Research Fellow, I was on the the MSc in Vision, Imaging and Virtual Environments program at UCL which I completed with a distinction. For three years before that I worked in New Delhi, India in computer games, virtual environments and multimedia. Way back in 1997 I was awarded a B.A. (Honours) in Mathematics from Hindu College in the University of Delhi. Before that I studied at Modern School, Vasant Vihar from where I graduated in 1994.

Since September 2005, I also attended several electives at London Business School sponsored by CSEL. I have completed electives in Project Management, Technology Strategy and New Technology Ventures, and a Finance & Value Creation Workshop.


Really old picture of Pankaj Khanna