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This web page contains pointers to the full text of projects I have supervised, since 2004, when I began keeping a record. For all sorts of reasons, I do not give the grades awarded to these projects, so you will find here more than one level of achievement. Each year there is a single prize for the best MSC project within the department. I have been fortunate enough to supervise students who have received this award in the past and I indicate those who have received it below. I make them available here as a resource for future students and also as a record for myself and others.

I have not had project student who has not taught me something, and I am grateful to my students for allowing me to show their projects publicly on this web page.

MSc Projects 2008-2009

I now have 8 MSc project students for the 2008-2009 session. A list of project topics is available.

MSc Projects 2007-2008

A group photo is available. Only six of the seven students made it to the photo call.

Francisco De Jose (joint winner of the best MSc project 2008 prize)
Sensitivity Analysis for Search-Based Software Project Management

Stefan Gueorguiev
Using SBSE for Project Management Optimisation: Finding Robust Pro ject Plans

Seyed Ghotbi
Testing Multi Agent Systems

Shamaila Hussain
Mutation Clustering

Muhammad Ali Malik
Model Based Testing With Guaranteed Branch Coverage Using a Systematic Approach

Mir Shahdad
Amorphous Slicing Of C-Programs

Jianheng Wu
Not Yet Available

The work in Stefan Gueorguiev's thesis was developed in collaboration with Giulio Antoniol and was accepted for publication at GECCO, where it won a "best at GECCO" award for the best SBSE track paper:-

Giulio Antoniol, Stefan Gueorguiev and Mark Harman
Software Project Planning for Robustness and Completion Time in the Presence of Uncertainty using Multi Objective Search Based Software Engineering
ACM Genetic and Evolutionary Computation COnference (GECCO 2009).
Montreal, Canada, 8 - 12 July 2009.
To Appear

The work by Shamaila Hussain on Mutant clustering, was developed by other authors and published by them in SEKE. We also plan to publish a version of this MSc work presently. The SEKE reference is:-

Changbin Ji, Zhenyu Chen, Baowen Xu, Zhihong Zhao: A Novel Method of Mutation Clustering Based on Domain Analysis. SEKE 2009: 422-425

MSc Projects 2006-2007

A group photo is available. Only six of the ten students made it to the photo call.

Fayezin Islam (winner of the best MSc project 2007 prize)
Testing Aspect-Oriented Software

Kaanagasabai Sriskathaverl (winner of the MSc Special Prize for Exceptional Performance across all MSc Computer Science Programmes)
Amorphous Slicing of C Programs with TXL

Yassir Jafar (winner of the Best Overall Result for examined units across all of the MSc Computer Science Programmes prize)
Clone detection using pictorial similarity in slice trace

Ahsraful Hasan Testing GUI based systems
Syed Islam Dependence Cluster Analysis
Yue Jia Clone Detection Using Dependence Analysis and Lexical Analysis
Chun Jiang Automated test data generation for model based systems
Jian Ren Sensitivity Analysis in Multi–objective Next Release Problem and Fairness Analysis in Software Requirements Engineering
Ali Shahid Pareto Efficient Multi-Objective Test Case Selection

The work in Feyezin Islam's thesis was subsequnetly developed and published by myself, Fayezin and colleagues:

Mark Harman, Fayezin Islam, Tao Xie and Stefan Wappler.
Automated Test Data Generation for Aspect-Oriented Programs
8th International Conference on Aspect-Oriented Software Development (AOSD '09)
Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, 2nd - 6th March 2009.

The work in Syed Islam's MSc thesis was developed by myself and colleagues and published in the Journal of Systems and Software:-

David Binkley, Mark Harman, Youssef Hassoun, Syed Islam Zheng Li
Assessing the Impact of Global Variables on Program Dependence and Dependence Clusters
Journal of Systems and Software.
To appear.

The work in Jian Ren's thesis was subsequnetly developed and published by myself, Jian and colleagues:

Anthony Finkelstein, Mark Harman, Afshin Mansouri , Jian Ren and Yuanyuan Zhang.
"Fairness Analysis" in Requirements Assignments
16th International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE'08)
Barcelona, Spain, 8th-12th September 2008.

The conference paper was invited to be submitted, in extended form for the Journal, Requirements Engineering, for which it was also accepted:-

Anthony Finkelstein, Mark Harman, Afshin Mansouri , Jian Ren and Yuanyuan Zhang.
A Search Based Approach to Fairness Analysis in Requirements Assignments to Aid Negotiation, Mediation & Decision Making
Requirements Engineering
To appear.

Jian, myself and Shin also worked on the development of his MSc work, which was accepted for publication at GECCO 09 (as mentioned below in connection with Shin Yoo's MSc work).

MSc Projects 2005-2006

A group photo is available.

Shin Yoo (winner of best MSc project 2006 prize)
The use of a novel semi-exhaustive search algorithm for the analysis of data sensitivity in a feature subset selection problem

Ben Cook Search algorithms for regression test suite minimisation
Maryum Umar An evaluation of mutation operators for equivalent mutants
Fahim Qureshi Search based approaches to understanding management choices
Nadisha Di Silva Search algorithms for ideal optimal mobile phone feature sets
Yigang Zhang Empirical study of different algorithms for search based slicing
Nan Wu Empirical study of fitness functions for search based slicing

The work in Shin Yoo's MSc thesis was developed by myself and Jian Ren, in collaboration with Shin (who was then a PhD student) and has been accepted for publication at GECCO 2009:-

Mark Harman, Jens Krinke, Jian Ren and Shin Yoo
Search Based Data Sensitivity Analysis Applied to Requirement Engineering
ACM Genetic and Evolutionary Computation COnference (GECCO 2009).
Montreal, Canada, 8 - 12 July 2009.
To Appear

The work in Fahim Qureshi's thesis was subsequnetly developed and published by myself, Fahim and colleagues:

Giulio Antoniol, Massimiliano Di Penta, Mark Harman and Fahim Qureshi.
The effect of communication overhead on software maintenance project staffing: a Search-based approach
23rd IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance (ICSM 2007).
2-5 October 2007, Paris, France.

MSc Projects 2004-2005

Nadia Alshahwan (winner of best MSc project 2005 prize)
Automated Regression Testing of Web Applications

Bojan Andonovski Side Effect Removal Transformation
Mathulan Ganeshan WebMark: A bug free WWW
Samer Hamood C slicer (using the parallel slicing algorithm)
Kiran Lakhotia Implementation of a Transformation Algorithm (for flag removal with applications to evolutionary testing)
Mohammed Sidat Automated Stress Testing of Web Applications using User Session Data

The work in Nadia Alshahwan's thesis was subsequently developed and published by Nadia and myself:

Nadia Alshahwan and Mark Harman
Automated Session Data Repair for Web Application Regression Testing
1st International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation (ICST 2008)
Lillehammer, Norway, April 9-11 2008