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with IACR


Tuesday December 15

10:30-11:15Registration and coffee
11:15-11:25Opening remarks
11:25-11:55Technical session: Best paper award
Security Against Related Randomness Attacks via Reconstructive Extractors
Kenneth G. Paterson; Jacob C. N. Schuldt; Dale L. Sibborn; Hoeteck Wee
11:55-12:45Technical session: Authentication
MI-T-HFE, a New Multivariate Signature Scheme
Wenbin Zhang; Chik How Tan
A New Approach To Efficient Revocable Attribute-Based Anonymous Credentials
David Derler; Christian Hanser; Daniel Slamanig
14:00-15:00Invited talk: Bent Functions and Their Connections to Coding Theory and Cryptography
Sihem Mesnager
15:00-15:20Coffee break
15:20-16:35Technical session: Symmetric cryptography
Tweak-Length Extension for Tweakable Block Ciphers
Kazuhiko Minematsu; Tetsu Iwata
Rogue Decryption Failures: Reconciling AE Robustness Notions
Guy Barwell; Daniel Page; Martijn Stam
Robust Authenticated Encryption and the Limits of Symmetric Cryptography
Christian Badertscher; Christian Matt; Ueli Maurer; Phillip Rogaway; Björn Tackmann
16:35-17:30Drinks reception

Wednesday December 16

9:15- 10:05Technical session: 2-party computation
A Compiler of Two-Party Protocols for Composable and Game-Theoretic Security, and Its Application to Oblivious Transfer
Shota Goto; Junji Shikata
Zero-Knowledge Interactive Proof Systems for New Lattice Problems
Claude Crépeau; Raza Ali Kazmi
School of Computer Science, McGill University; School of Computer Science, McGill University
10:10-11:10Invited talk: Recent Advances in Decoding Binary Linear Codes and their Implication for Cryptography
Alexander May
11:10-11:30Coffee break
11:30-12:45Technical session: Codes
Soft Distance Metric Decoding of Polar Codes
Monica C. Liberatori; Leonardo J. Arnone; Jorge Castiñeira Moreira; Patrick G. Farrell
On the Doubly Sparse Compressed Sensing Problem
Grigory Kabatiansky; Serge Vladuts; Cedric Tavernier
Codes of Length 2 Correcting Single Errors of Limited Size
Torleiv Kløve
14:00-15:00Invited talk: Steps Towards a Unified Coding Theory for Distributed Algorithms
Allison Bishop
15:00-15:20Coffee break
15:20-16:35Technical session: Boolean functions
Bent and Semi-bent Functions via Linear Translators
Neşe Koçak; Sihem Mesnager; Ferruh Özbudak
Comparison of Cube Attacks over Different Vector Spaces
Richard Winter; Ana Salagean; Raphael C.W. Phan
On the Diffusion Property of Iterated Functions
Jian Liu; Sihem Mesnager; Lusheng Chen
19:00-21:00Conference dinner

Thursday December 17

9:40-10:40Invited talk: Tamper Detection and Non-malleable codes
Daniel Wichs
10:40-11:00Coffee break
11:00-12:15Technical session: Leakage resilience
Continuous After-the-fact Leakage-Resilient eCK-secure Key Exchange
Janaka Alawatugoda; Douglas Stebila; Colin Boyd
Queensland University of Technology; Queensland University of Technology; Norwegian University of Science and Technology
A Leakage Resilient MAC
Daniel P. Martin; Elisabeth Oswald; Martijn Stam; Marcin Wójcik
Leakage-Resilient Identification Schemes from Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Storage
Giuseppe Ateniese; Antonio Faonio; Seny Kamara
12:15-12:40Technical session: Information theory
Shannon Entropy versus Renyi Entropy from a Cryptographic Viewpoint
Maciej Skorski
12:40-12:45Closing remarks