NPComplete Ltd

Satalia (NPComplete Ltd) provides 'Optimisation-as-a-Service' to academia and industry, and has developed a technology - The SolveEngine - that span-out of UCL in 2008. This technology 1) gives industry transparent and seamless access to state-of-the-art optimisation algorithms that enables more intelligent use of computation and produces better and faster solutions to their problems, 2) provides new economic models to allow academics to commercialize their algorithmic innovations and get access to critical data to improve their research, and 3) gives producers of software tools a new revenue mechanism to support the development and exposure of their software.

This software platform includes five main components 1) a portal and API to allow the submission of optimisation problems and retrieve the solutions, 2) new optimisation translators and encodings to provide interoperability between algorithmic formats (such as SAT, CSP, FZN, LP, AMPL, SMT, OPB, etc), 3) machine learning to intelligently match the right algorithms to the problems it receives, 4) distributed computation, running on public or private clouds and HPC, and 5) a management console to allow academics to include their algorithms on the platform, commercialise their IP and gain access to valuable data to enable better research.

The Satalia SolveEngine

In a world where superior data-driven decision-making is imperative to the success of any business our 'Optimisation-as-a-Service' platform provides a conduit for cutting-edge academic algorithms into industry, and has wide reaching commercial applications across multiple sectors, including Finance, Bioinformatics, Logistics, Telecoms and Defence. Optimisation problems exist across the entire spectrum of computer science and engineering, and NPComplete’s SolveEngine has already been used to solve hard computational problems in graph theory, logistics, system verification, BigData and cryptography.

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