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Refereed Conference Papers, Journal Articles, Book Chapters

2012 Beeharee, A., Hermenier, R., Blohmann, A., Niemann, B., Fremont, G. and Grazzini, S. (2012)
Satellite Enabled ITS Services for Cars.
In Proceedings of ITS World Congress 2012, Vienna, Austria, Oct 23-26, 2012.

Fremont, G., Bessou, L., Bertoli Puiggros, M. and Beeharee, A. (2012)
Coorperative Traffic Management using Satellite Enabled ITS Platform.
In Proceedings of ITS World Congress 2012, Vienna, Austria, Oct 23-26, 2012.

Koppanyi, Z., Lovas, T., Barsi, A., Demeter, H., Beeharee, A. and Berenyi, A. (2012) 
Tracking vehicles in GSM network to support Intelligent Transportation Systems.
In International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, vol 39,p139-144. 
(ISPRS 2012, Melbourne, Australia, Aug 25-Sep 1, 2012)

Davies, T., Beeharee, A. (2012)
The Case of the Missed Icon : Change Blindness on Mobile Devices.  
In Proceedings of  30th CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2012 (ACM CHI 2012), Austin,  USA, May 5-10, 2012, p1451-1460.

Beeharee, A., Grazzini, S. and Fremont, G. (2012)
Road Safety Services for Low-Cost International Coach Transportation.
In Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, vol 48, p2707-2717.
(Proceedings of 4th Transport Research Arena (TRA 2012) , Athens, Greece, Apr 23-26, 2012)

Beeharee, A., Grau, G., Campo, R., Fremont, G., Lovas, T. and Besnard, L. (2012)
Enabling Next Generation Emergency Call Service.
In Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, vol 48, p2718-2727.
(Proceedings of 4th Transport Research Arena (TRA 2012), Athens, Greece, Apr 23-26, 2012)

Grau, G., Heyn, T., Vaccaro, A. and Beeharee, A. (2012)
Developing ITS Services for Open SafeTRIP Platform. 
In Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, vol 48, p2728-2737.
(Proceedings of 4th Transport Research Arena (TRA 2012), Athens, Greece, Apr 23-26, 2012)

Niemann, B., Heyn, T., Vargas, A., Titomanlio, S.,Grau, G. and Beeharee, A. (2012)
SafeTRIP - Interactive Satellite Services for Automotive Applications and Road Safety.
Chapter in Microelectronic Systems: Circuits, Systems and Applications. A. Heuberger, G. Elst, R. Hanke, J. Heppner and K. Kirsch (eds), Springer, Heidelberg 2012, p129-143.

2011 Beeharee, A., Vaccaro, A. (2011)
In-Car Contextualised Search on Tablets
In Adjunct Proceedings of Automotive UI 2011, Salzburg, Austria, Nov 30-Dec 2, 2011, p171-175.

Beeharee, A., Fremont, G., Wieczynski, A. and Campo, R. (2011)
Getting on the S-Band Wagon for Crossing Borders
- Exploiting Satellite Communication for Sustainable ITS Services.
In Proceedings of  IEEE Forum on Integrated and Sustainable Transportation Systems (FISTS), Vienna, Austria, June 29-July 1, 2011.

Beeharee, A., Niemann, B., Titomanlio, S. and Grau,G. (2011)
SafeTRIP - A Green Architecture for an Open ITS
In Proceedings of 8th ITS European Congress, Lyon, France,  June 6-9, 2011.

Beeharee, A., Fremont, G., Grazzini, S., Vaccaro, A. and  Rodriguez, J. L. (2011)
Cooperative End to End User Services in SafeTRIP.
In Proceedings of 8th ITS European Congress, Lyon, France,  June 6-9, 2011.

Lovas, T., Wieczynski, A., Baczyncka, M., Perski, A., Kertesz, I.,  Berenyi, A., Barsi, A. and Beeharee, A. (2011)
Positioning for Next Generation Intelligent Transport Systems Services in SafeTRIP.
In Proceedings of  ASPRS 2011 Annual Conference, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, May 1-5, 2011.

Beeharee, A., Laqua, S. and Sasse, A. (2011)
Navigating Haystacks at 70mph: Intelligent Search for Intelligent In-Car Services
In Proceedings of 3rd International Multimodal Interfaces for Automobile Applications (MIAA) at IUI 2011, Palo Alto, California, Feb 13-16, 2011.

2010 and earlier Fremont, G., Grazzini, S., Sasse, A. and Beeharee, A. (2010)
The SafeTRIP Project: Improving Road Safety for Passenger Vehicles using 2-way Satellite Communications
In Proceedings of ITS World Congress 2010, Busan, Korea, Oct 25-29, 2010.

Sheldrake, R. and Beeharee, A. (2009)
A Rapid Online Telepathy Test.
In Psychology Reports 2009, No 104, p957-970.

Sheldrake, R., Overby, C. and Beeharee, A. (2008)
The Sense of Being Stared At: An Automated Test on the Internet
In Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, vol 72.2, No 891, p86-97.

Beeharee, A. and Steed, A. (2008)
Geographical Data in Mobile Applications - Uses beyond Map Making.
Chapter in Map-based Mobile Services - design, interaction and usability. Meng, L., Zipf, A. and Winter, S. (eds), Springer, Heidelberg, Chapter 14, p293-309.

Beeharee, A. and Steed, A. (2007)
Exploiting Real World Knowledge in Ubiquitous Applications.
In Journal of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, vol 11, Issue 6 (August 2007), p429-437.

Beeharee, A. and Steed, A. (2007)
Minimising Pedestrian Navigational Ambiguities Through Geoannotation and Temporal Tagging
In Proceedings part II of Human-Computer Interaction. Interaction Platforms and Techniques, 12th International Conference, HCI International 2007, p748-757, Beijing, P.R.C, Jul 22-27, 2007.

Julier, S. J., Beeharee, A., MacIntyre, B. and Steed, A. (2007)
MRUI Adaptation in the Presence of Uncertainty.
In The 2nd Mixed Reality User Interfaces: Specification, Authoring, Adaptation 2007 (MRUI'07), Charlotte, South Carolina, USA, 11 March 2007.

Beeharee, A. and Steed, A. (2006)
A Natural Wayfinding - Photos in Pedestrian Navigation System.
In Proceedings of ACM Mobile HCI 2006 (8th ACM Conference on Human-computer Interaction with Mobile), Espoo, Finland, Sep 12-15, 2006.

Beeharee, A. and Steed, A. (2005)
Filtering Location-Based Information Using Visibility
Chapter in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 3479, p306-315. Springer, April 2005.
(Location- and Context-Awareness (LoCA 2005), Munich, Germany, May 12-13, 2005)

Beeharee, A., West, A.J. and Hubbold, R.J. (2003)
Visual Attention Based Information Culling for Distributed Virtual Environments
In Proceedings of ACM VRST 2003 (10th ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology) , Osaka, Japan, Oct 1-3, 2003.

Beeharee, A., Pettifer, S. and West, A.J. (2001)
A Framework for Optimising Network Useage for Plausible Distributed Virtual Environments
Chapter in Virtual Reality: Cognitive Foundations, Technological Issues & Philosophical Implications, p141-158.
(New Trends in Cognitive Science 2001 (NTCS01), Vienna, Austria, Sep 20-22, 2001)

Refereed Poster and Technical Reports 

Beeharee, A. and Steed, A. (2004)
Filtering Location-Based Information Based on Visibility in the Real World.
In Adjunct Proceedings of UbiComp 2004 (6th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing), Nottingham, UK, Sep 7-10, 2004.

Beeharee, A. and Hubbold, R.J. (1999)
Real-Time Avatar Control with a Neural Network
Technical report (UMCS-01-07-1) - The University of Manchester


Beeharee, A. (2003)
Visual Attention Based Information Culling for Distributed Virtual Environments
PhD Thesis, University of Manchester

Beeharee, A. (1999)
Modelling Arm Movements in a Virtual Enrivonments using Neural Networks.
MSc Dissertation, University of Manchester.

Conference Reviewer

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