Realtime 3D studio broadcast platform

The UCL VR group is a Prometheus partner. This project researches realtime simulation of clothing for virtual characters.

Prometheus is a consortium of Academic and Industrial partners, seeking to research and develop a system for the creation and streaming of realtime broadcast television content using the emerging MPEG4 standard.

Other aspects of the system include character creation, realtime body and facial motion capture and broadcast from a studio paltform.

Cloth Simulation System Capabilities:

  1. * Rendering engine (OpenGL based)
  2. * Physical simulation (Finite element-ish)
  3. * Voxel collision detection
  4. * VRML97 compatibility
  5. * H-Anim support (segmented)
  6. * Progressive Meshes
  7. * Event based animation language (EML)
  8. * Motion capture support (BVH)
  9. * MPEG4 animation export (update)
(c)2001 Lee Bull & UCL

Current Platforms:

  • * Windows 95/98/2000
  • * SGI Irix / Unix
  • * ReaCTor (Cave style)