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Invitation to join the Peach Project

From: Petros Daras
Date: 28-Jul-2006 10:49

Dear PRESENCE expert,

One of the main objectives of the PEACH (Presence Research in Action) Coordination Action (http://www.peachbit.org) is to stimulate, structure and support the research community, with special attention to the challenges associated to the interdisciplinary character of the field, and to produce visions and roadmaps to support the construction of the Presence ERA. PEACH will achieve its objectives by providing an open central information point for all the stakeholders, using a working methodology based on Working Groups (WinG) and Action Events (Consultation Meetings, Summer Schools, a Science Fair and an Industry Event), and with the support of Presence II FET IPs.

Your help will be valuable so as to review existing standards or standard initiatives and to provide recommendations on technologies, protocols, data standards for experimental work towards efficient data sharing.

For this reason you are kindly requested to fill in the attached template on technologies, protocols and data standards for experimental PRESENCE related work. You are also invited to joint the WinG on "Presence Data, Protocols and Standards" and actively participate in the formation and use of a relevant data repository (to be shared among the Presence Community).

To participate in this WinG or in any other PEACH WinG please fill in the participation form found in http://www.starlab.es/FormWG/wgpeachf.html.

Best regards,

Petros Daras, "Presence Data, Protocols and Standards WinG leader"

Giulio Ruffini, "PEACH project coordinator"


Download invitation form (MS Word)

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