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Meeting of Presence Project IPs

30 - 31 May 2006
Scuola Superiore S. Anna
Piazza Martiri della LibertÓ, Pisa, Italy
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Representatives from all the active EU Projects investigating the various aspects of Presence research will gather in Pisa for a single, 1-day long scientific event:

Preliminary schedule:

    Wednesday 30th May 2007

  • 09:15 Registration and coffee
  • 09.45 Introduction to Scuola Superiore S.Anna - Prof. Massimo Bergamasco
  • 10.00 Presentation by the PASION project: The PASION World, presented by Fabrizio Davide, Luciano Gamberini & Andrea Gaggioli
  • 10.45 Presentation by the IMMERSENCE project
  • 11.30 BREAK
  • 12.00 Presentation by the PRESENCCIA project
  • 12.45 LUNCH
  • 14.00 Presentation by the IPCITY project
  • 14.45 General discussion introduced and led by PEACH
  • 15.30 CLOSE general session
  • 15.45 Lab tour by PERCRO for attendees

Private Session

  • 16.30 Private meeting of Presence Projects to make a list of interesting research problems that cut across the various projects. Discussion with the objective of producing ideas that will lead to a joint FET OPEN application, or a series of such applications, during 2008. This discussion would also identify any important near term projects between the existing IPs that could be done within existing resources.
  • 18.00 FINISH

On the following day (31st of May - same location) there will be another event related to the PRESENCCIA project: "Programming VR applications using the XVR technology". Please see PERCRO web site for further details.

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