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Dive Activities

UCL has been using SICS's DIVE (www.sics.se/dive) system for about 6 years now. Most of our experimental work is carried out with applications build with DIVE. UCL has been responsible for extensions to DIVE to support large-scale rendering and immersive virtual environments.

General note. Throughout these pages, we refer to various versions of DIVE, 3.2, 3.3x, 3.3x4, etc. Note that 3.3x is the last official release of DIVE from SICS. They are now working on DIVE versions 4 and 5. All of our immersive work and demos support a fork of DIVE at 3.3x, and thus they are labelled 3.3x1, through (as of July 2002) 3.3x5. These are UCL versions only. Except in exceptional circumstances, only 3.3x3 and 3.3x5 have ever been released into the "wild". Binaries of 3.3x5 which now has a flexible infrastructure for tracking and vehicle plugins is available below. I can only supply binaries, contact SICS if you want a source code licence. If you already have such a licence, I am happy to share my code modifications and plugin source.

Application Gallery

The following applications are all coded on the "standard" DIVE application DIVA. That is, they all use the Tcl scripting interface and occasionally one or more DIVE plugins.

Dive Extensions

We also have used DIVE as a base library for applications that do not utilise the standard DIVE infrastructure. Since SICS have allowed us source code access, we have also made some major extensions to certain modules. However such module extensions are often experimental and are not folded back into the main source tree.

Immersive Dive

There have been three generations of immersion support: The current stable version, 3.3x5, is available on request to UCL.

HowTo Guides on immersive extensions can be found here:




For every platform you need the
dive3.3x5-data.tgz package.

Then you need one or more of the platform specific packages:

  1. dive3.3x5-mips-sgi-irix6.5.tgz
  2. dive3.3x5-mips-sgi-irix6.5cavelib.tgz
  3. dive3.3x5-mips-sgi-irix6.5cavelib2.6.tgz
  4. dive3.3x5-winnt.tgz
default cavelib version in 2.7. We can generate Linux and Solaris versions as well.

Online Worlds

If you have set up DIVE, then you can browse straight to the following worlds:

Compiling DIVE

We have some local instructions for builing DIVE 3.3x* on SGI and WinNT/2000 that you might find useful.

Dive3.2 C Examples

If you have the library distribution of Dive3.2 you might want to look at the following example code.

Dive3.3x Plugins

We have written the following plugins that are available on request:

Dive Tutorials

Some locally written tutorials that will be of general interest.


Much of the code mentioned above may be available, please contact the authors. In some cases you might have to wait until it makes into to the Dive core distribution.

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DIVE System Papers from UCL

DIVE Application Papers from UCL

DIVE System and Application Papers from Elsewhere

Any local queries about Dive should go to
Anthony Steed, A.Steed@cs.ucl.ac.uk