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26/5/2009 Bruce Damer The EvoGrid, Building a Precursor Origin of Life Simulator
Time: 5:00PM
Venue: UCL, Malet Place Engineering Building, Room 6.12

Abstract: The Evolution Grid, or "EvoGrid" project is currently being designed and prototyped to utilize a large interconnected grid of computers which could plausibly model the pre-biotic chemical environment which was the precursor stage to evolution and life arising on Earth. The key innovation over previous efforts will be the use of a level testing function that searches for emergent complex self-organization within the simulation, focusing computing resources and tuning parameters in order to permit the system to drive itself towards ever more complex emergent structures and processes. Research outcomes from the EvoGrid project may shed light on the origins of life on Earth and in the universe, and provide new tools for evolutionary biology, biochemistry, and complexity studies.

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Bruce Damer is a researcher and company director from Silicon Valley in the USA. He is a pioneer in virtual worlds and avatars and over the past decade has led a team working with NASA on 3D mission simulation. In 1996 Bruce founded Biota.org which organized multi-disciplinary conferences on biology and artificial life and is now home to the EvoGrid project. Additional advisors and participants are being sought for the effort. Find out more about Bruce and contact him through his personal site at: