The nexus for University College London Evolutionary Algorithms Research

Some past and present members of nUCLEAR:

Peter Bentley

Senior Research Fellow, leader of nUCLEAR. Interested in everything evolutionary. Supervisor and collaborator with many of below.

David Basanta

PhD student

Ramona Behravan

EngD student working with Glassworks post production company on biologically inspired modelling

Katie Bentley

PhD student working on evolutionary and adaptive approaches to the development of shape and form. Current project: “Nature’s Batik: Evolution of a Computational Model of Diatom Hypovalve Morphogenesis.”

Tim Blackwell

Swarm music researcher.

David Corney

PhD student working with Phil Treleaven on data mining in the food and drink industry, with the specific aim of aiding the design and manufacture of tea, and ultimately producing a Virtual Product Design system.

Tim Gordon

PhD student working on the application of evolutionary techniques, especially genetic programming, to hardware design.

Siavash Haroun Mahdavi

EngD student working on evolutionary robotics. See MOBIUS page on the above link

Mark Herbster

Lecturer, machine learning

Daniel Hulme

EngD student, interested in development and analysis of artificial agents evolved in simulated 'Naturalistic' visual ecologies.

Tim Hutton


Boonserm Kaewkamnerdpong (Nina)

PhD Student

Jungwon Kim

PhD student working on Artificial Immune Systems for Network Intrusion Detection. Research interests: applying AI or statistical techniques to solve real-world problems especially, pattern discovery from huge volumes of messy data.

Erwan Le Martelot

EngD student investigating systemic computation.

R. Beau Lotto

Lecturer researching the mechanisms and behaviour of visually guided complex systems in ecological and historical terms.

David Malkin

EngD student evolving modular and hierarchical systems.

Tom Quick

PhD student generating autonomous adaptive behavioural dynamics using environmentally coupled Boolean Networks. Click here for Tom's ALife page.

Udi Schlessinger

PhD student working on evolving visually guided neural network agents in virtual environments.

Martin Sewell

PhD student working on Intelligent Trading Systems. Research involves employing techniques from machine learning, evolutionary algorithms, multi-agent systems and nonlinear dynamical systems in an attempt to analyse and forecast financial time series.

Hooman Shayani

PhD student working on evolution of developmental spiking neural microcircuits in hardware.

Robert Smith