EuroGP'2005 Lausanne, Switzerland, 29 March - 1 April 2005

University of Lausanne

EuroGP'2005 and EvoWorkshops and EvoCOP proceedings.

Pictures taken by Marc Ebner


Lausanne is between the lake and the Mountains

Me and James Foster

W. B. Langdon and James Foster


La Sarraz Castle

twin turrets

Riccardo Poli Jennifer Willies Marylyn D Ritchie Simon Harding Julian Miller

W. B. Langdon Riccardo Poli James Foster Pierre Collet Colin Johnson

After a tour of the castle, the conference dinner was held in the Horse Museum

Pictures taken by Leonardo Vanneschi

In side the Horse Museum

dinner table
Gabriela Ochoa (missing) Ronan Nugent Christopher R. Stephens Riccardo Poli W. B. Langdon Susan Stepney x1? Hideyuki Takagi

playing games
Deep thought provokes wide interest. (See previous picture for names.)

Team Members
Mario Giacobini
Leonardo Vanneschi W. B. Langdon
Christopher R. Stephens Ronan Nugent Gabriela Ochoa Susan Stepney

Back to work, Friday

Introduction of keynote speaker
Alberto Piazza being introduced by Andrea Tettamanzi chairman of EuroGP-2005 conference

me with T-shirt

Cristina Di Sacco, Stefano Cagnoni, Sandrine Garin Rochat, Denis Rochat

James A Foster Steven Gustafson George D Smith Jano van Hemert Mengjie Zhang Gabriela Ochoa Moshe Sipper Marco Tomassini Pierre Collet

W. B. Langdon and Riccardo Poli

W. B. Langdon Leonardo Vanneschi Riccardo Poli

Lucia Ballerini

Dr. Conor Ryan

Evelyne Lutton Hideyuki Takagi

Mike Cattolico

Leonardo Vanneschi and Jennifer Willies

Leonardo Vanneschi Mrs. Mario Giacobini Mario Giacobini
Maarten Keijzer Jano I van Hemert

Vic Ciesielski
R. Poli George D Smith Andrea G B Tettamanzi
Jano I van Hemert W. B. Langdon

Pierre Collet Jean Louchet Evelyne Lutton

Steven Gustafson and family. Ronan Nugent

Pictures taken by Jano van Hemert

Bill 1
Me with T-shirt

Pictures taken by Nanlin Jin

Bill 1
Marco Tomassini, Pierre Collet, Conor Ryan, Maarten Keijzer, Jano I. van Hemert, Julian Miller, W B Langdon, James A. Foster.

Pictures taken by Silvia and Mario Giacobini

Mario Giacobini and Evelyne Lutton
Mario Giacobini and Evelyne Lutton

Pictures taken by Nanlin Jin

WBL and Nanlin and eurogp2005 conference bag
Me with T-shirt and Nanlin Jin

Other Pictures

Pictures taken by Leonardo Vanneschi, Silvia and Mario, Jano, flickr

Agora The stainless steel hotel.

My presentation slides

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