Concurrency 98/99

This page contains the lecture notes, tutorial work sheets and answer sheets that I am using in the first term for Concurrency (C340).

The applets that I have used for demonstration purposes during the lecture are available from this page. Most of the applets in this list have been constructed by Jeff Magee at Imperial College and his support in preparing this course material is gratefully acknowledged.

  1. Introduction.
  2. Modelling Processes
  3. Modelling Concurrency in FSP
  4. FSP Tutorial Worksheet and Answersheet
  5. The Unified Modeling Language
  6. Programming in Java
  7. Concurrency in Java
  8. Mutual Exclusion
  9. Worksheet
  10. Semaphores and Monitors
  11. Condition Synchronisation
  12. Starvation and Deadlocks
  13. Safety
  14. Safety Analysis Tutorial Worksheet and Answersheet
  15. Liveness and Progress
  16. Progress Analysis Tutorial Worksheet and Answersheet
  17. Model-Based Design
  18. Dynamic Systems
  19. Message Passing
  20. Concurrent Architectures: Filter Pipelines
  21. Concurrent Architectures: Supervisor-Worker
  22. Concurrent Architectures: Announcer-Listener
  23. Database Concurrency Control
  24. Transactions
  25. Distributed Transactions: Two-Phase Commit
  26. Previous Exam Questions and Answers

I have set the compulsory Coursework with a deadline at noon of 18 December 1998.


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Wolfgang Emmerich
Updated on: 10/16/1998