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341: Introduction to Bioinformatics, Spring 2016

Department of Computing, Imperial College London

Course Overview

Instructor Information

Dr. Natasa Przulj

E-mail: natasha [at] imperial [dot] ac [dot] uk

Office: 407 C Huxley

Time and Location

Lecture time and location: Tuesdays, 2-4pm and Fridays 4-6pm
Office hours: Tuesdays after the class, 407 C Huxley

Course Summary

The course will cover basic biological concepts related to the issues of sequence analysis and alignment, microarray data analysis, biological networks, fundamental graph theoretic algorithms, computational complexity and challenges in network analysis, existing post-genomic approaches for analyzing, modeling, and comparing biological networks, and applications of these approaches to understanding biological function, disease, and evolution. For more details, see the course syllabus below.

Practical work will be part of the coursework assignment and will include individual work on either: (a) development of code for a bioinformatics algorithm, or (b) data analysis. You will choose which option you will do. Completing only one of these two options will result in full marks. If you do both, both will be marked and you will be given the higher grade of the two.

Course Syllabus

For information about course goals, topics, organization, grading scheme, textbooks and readings, etc., please see the course introduction.

Class Materials

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Tuesday Lectures (2-4pm):

Friday Lectures (4-6pm):

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