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It's interesting that anti-corporate, pro-environmental sentiment is bluntly emphasized in this main stream corporate film.

The plot:

We go to a distant planet to exploit a rare ore and discover humanoids who are all we are not: beautiful, strong, passionate, free, in touch with themselves, with each other, with nature. They are strictly monogamous not only with other humanoids, but also with animals! Dragons, in particular. But they promiscuously "mate" with horses. Hmm... it has to come out somewhere...

The film perfectly presses all the right buttons in your brain. You watch the "beautiful new untouched world," its perfect nature and inhabitants, a romance between "our guy" and a hot native chick, evil self-centered intellectuals, and corporate and military scums. There's beauty, there's action, there's sex, what else do you need? You feel gooooood... But... what if some of us don't want our brains to be synchronously played? What if a brain is not a violin? What if we don't want to be rubbed just right? And what if we don't agree with your little world of social norms? Consider this: when a guy pisses a girl off, who by the way can only mate with him, but she still tells him never to come back, what does he do? He mates with a bigger and more dangerous dragon and wins her back?!! Who comes up with this crap? And the emphasis on the existence and intervention of omnipresent all-mighty God! Come on, give us a break! Please!!

The "beautiful new world" is actually quite a cheap knockoff of our own: it has its own version of humans, elephants, lions, pterodactyls, trees, flowers etc. There is not a single species that's truly original. Some creativity could come handy.


Good animation. Bad, manipulative plot pretending to be trying to slip environmental and anti-corporate agenda, but really pushes something else through (see above).

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