Aligning Biological Networks with L-GRAAL (Lagrangian GRAphlet-based network Aligner)

Noel Malod-Dognin and Natasa Przulj

Corresponding author: Dr. N. Malod-Dognin, e-mail: n.malod-dognin [AT]

L-GRAAL is a novel global network alignment tool, which combines an efficient solver based on Lagrangian relaxation with a scoring function based on the statistics of small induced subgraphs called graphlets.


How to run L-GRAAL

To align two PPI networks with L-GRAAL, you need 5 input files: Example, when aligning RNorvegicus and SPombe: ``./L-GRAAL -Q -T -q RNorvegicus.ndump2 -t SPombe.ndump2 -B blast_evalues.txt -o my_output'' You can alternatively run ``./L-GRAAL.exe -h'' to get the complete list of parameters.

Other network alignment algorithms

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