Mark Harman,
Professor of Software Engineering,
Software Systems Engineering Group,
Department of Computer Science,
University College London,
Malet Place, London, WC1E 6BT, UK.

Office: MPEG 7.14
Tel: +44 (0)20 7679 1305
Internal: 31305
e-mail: mark.harman the-at-symbol
Personal Assistant: Lena Hierl: crest-admin the-at-symbol; +44 (0)20 7679 0325
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I am learning Chinese (rather slowly)

Mark is director of CREST (the Centre for Research on Evolution Search and Testing)
Head of SSE (Software Systems Engineering) at UCL.

Lectureship (aka Assistant Professorship) offered (closing date 17th April 2015).
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Mark's: publications (downloadable in PDF).

Completed KCL MSc student projects 2004-2009.

Completed PhD students and their theses.

Currently on the editorial boards of ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology, IET Proceedings Software, Information and Software Technology, the Journal of Empirical Software Engineering, the Journal of Software Maintenance and Evolution, the Software Quality Journal and the Journal of Software Testing Verification & Reliability.

Previously on the editorial boards of IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Software Focus.

Organisations: JeS, BCS, IET, ACM, IEEE

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CREST Repositories: on Mutation Testing | on SBSE | GP

Conferences in 2016:
ICSE(PC board member)
Conferences in 2015:
FSE(PC chair), NasBASE(keynote), ICST(keynote), ICSE, ASE(ERP member).
Conferences in 2014:
ICSE(PC board member), FSE(PC member), SPLC(keynote), SEAMS(keynote), ISSTA(PC member), ASE(ERP member), ICST(PC member), RE, GECCO(PC member).
Conferences in 2013:
ICSE(PC member), FSE(PC member), SSBSE(SC chair), ICST(PC member), ASE(PC member), WCRE(keynote), WeTSOM(keynote), GECCO(keynote), SCAM(PC member), ICSM(PC member), ESEM(PC member), Mutation(PC member), SBST(PC member), TAIC PART(PC member).
Conferences in 2012:
ICSE(PC member), FSE, ASE(keynote), ISSTA(PC member), SSBSE(SC chair), ICST(PC member), Mutation(PC member), SBST(PC member), SCAM(PC member), ICSM(PC member), RAISE(keynote), ESEM(keynote), GECCO(PC member).
Conferences in 2011:
SSBSE(SC chair), ICSE, FSE, ISSTA, ICST (PC chair), GECCO(PC member), ICSM(PC member), QSIC(keynote), , RefTest(keynote).
Conferences in 2010:
SCAM (keynote), SSBSE(SC chair), ICSM(PC member), ISSTA(PC member), ICST(PC member), Mutation(PC member), SBST(PC member), PROMISE(keynote), ICSE, GECCO(PC member), RE, FASE@ETAPS(keynote), Mutation(keynote).

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Old stuff:

Conferences in 2009: Symposium on Search Based Software Engineering (SSBSE 2009), ICSE, ICST, MAEB, ICSM, SCAM, WSE, WCRE, ISSTA, GECCO, ASE, AOSD, AAMAS, HVC. Conferences in 2008: ASE, Evol, TAIC PART, WCRE, SCAM, RE, REFSQ, GECCO, ISSTA, ICST, SBST, ICSE, ICSM, FSE.

Conferences in 2007: ICPC, ISSTA, GECCO, ICSM, Mutation, TAIC PART, SCAM, ICSE, FSE, SQC.

Conferences in 2006: Mensura, TAIC PART, ISSRE, Mutation, CSMR, GECCO SBSE, ICSE, ISSTA, ICSM, WCRE, SQC, CSSE, ICPC, SCAM, AAA.

Conferences in 2005: ASTReNet, SCAM, CSMR, ICSM, IWPC, GECCO, MIC, WCRE, Dagstuhl Slicing Seminar, ISSRE, UK Test 2005.

Conferences in 2004: SCAM, ICSM, ICSE, IWPC, GECCO, TestCom, WCRE, ISSTA, ISSRE, FSE, Metrics, PLID.

Conferences in 2003: ICSE, CMSR, IWPC, GECCO, ICSM, SCAM, WSE, ICFCA, ICCT, WCRE, ZB, UK Testing Workshop.