HIPPARCH: High Performance Protocol Architectures

HIPPARCH is now an ESPRIT Basic project investigating High Performance Protocol Architectures using Integrated Layer Processing (ILP) and Application Layer Framing (ALF) principles.

The official project web pages contain a lot more information, including deliverables. and extension til mid 99

Members of the project are guest editors for a JSAC Issue on High Performance Protocol Architectures

There was a fourth workshop of the HIPPARCH projects scheduled for June 15/16 1998

Draft Slides for the Final Review Meeting

Draft PPR for Year 2

You too can read the Year one PPR

We will add publications and deliverables to this page as they become available:

Pricing for Differential Services using TCP
A Note on RM Protocols for Distributed VR
A talk on Internet Telephony for the Cost 237 1997 Workshop
Draft Final Deliverable UCL 1
Draft (final soon!) Deliverable UCL 2
Demo Setup and description
One to many reliable bulk data transfer in the Mbone.
TCP like congestion avoidance for reliable multicast
Framework For Reliable Multicast Application Design
QoS: Just One Bit, but plenty of dollars - presented at Protocols for High Speed Networks 96
Receiver Driven Protocol Design Patterns presented at the School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences Sussex University

There is a paper on work in progress on scalable reliable bulk multicast protocol. Other work is progressing on analysis of the time to choose multicast and when to use a tree of TCP connections to distribute information to a set of mirror sites, or to a set of synchronised media (near-)on-demand clients.

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