M030/GZ03: Courseworks

There are two individual courseworks in M030/GZ03:
Topic Assigned Due Other Info
Programming CW 1:A Distributed Tickertape 10th October 2014 5:05 PM, 31st October 2014 Logical Clocks reading (Lamport)
Problem Set CW 2: Systems Security 24th November 2014 9:35 AM (in lecture), 10th December 2014

You must use the CS department's Linux lab machines to complete the programming coursework; different Linux and UNIX installations may compile or execute the same C source code differently, and the course staff will only view code as correct if it passes tests when run on the CS Linux lab machines. Moreover, the auto-grading script only runs on the CS Linux lab machines, and you must use the auto-grading script before submitting your coursework. The CS Linux lab machines are:

gocta livingstone khone celilo afonso epupa hidden iguazu kongou
maribondo niagara para patos vermilion victoria wagenia

To log into a lab machine, first ssh into newgate.cs.ucl.ac.uk, then ssh to any of the lab hosts listed above.