CS Z03/4030: Distributed Systems and Security


Brad Karp 7.05 MPEB
Steve Hailes s.hailes@cs.ucl.ac.uk 7.19 MPEB

Meeting Times

UCL Term 1, Weeks 6-16 (2nd October, 2006 - 12th December, 2006)

  • Monday 9 AM - 10 AM, MPEB 1.20 (only from 13/11 - 11/12)
  • Monday 1 PM - 2 PM, MPEB 1.03
  • Tuesday 1 PM - 2 PM, MPEB 1.20
  • Thursday 5 PM - 6 PM, MPEB 1.03 (only from 12/10 - 2/11)
  • N.B. that students are responsible for monitoring the detailed calendar below throughout the term to ensure they are up-to-date on meeting times and readings.

    Detailed Course Calendar

    Lecture notes will be posted immediately after each lecture.

    Each paper appears in the calendar below on the day when it will be covered in lecture. All papers must be read before that lecture!

    N.B. that all assigned readings are examinable.

    Monday Tuesday Thursday

    2nd Oct

    9 - 10 AM: Course Introduction

    Lecture Notes:
    Introduction to Distributed Systems

    1 - 2 PM: OS Concepts

    Lecture Notes:
    OS Concepts

    3rd Oct

    Design: Worse Is Better; Concurrent I/O

    Reading: Worse Is Better

    Lecture Notes:
    I/O Concurrency

    5th Oct

    No Lecture today!

    9th Oct

    1 - 2 PM: NFS

    Readings: NFS Case Study (handed out in hardcopy),
    Design and Implementation of the Sun Network Filesystem

    Lecture Notes:

    10th Oct

    RPC and Transparency

    Lecture Notes:
    RPC and Transparency

    12th Oct

    Ivy: Distributed Shared Memory

    Reading: Ivy

    Lecture Notes:
    Ivy and DSM

    16th Oct

    1 - 2 PM: Ivy (continued)

    Lecture Notes:
    (continuation of 12/10 lecture slides)

    17th Oct

    Two-Phase Commit

    Lecture Notes:
    Two-Phase Commit

    19th Oct


    Reading: Paxos

    Lecture Notes:

    23rd Oct

    1 - 2 PM: Paxos (continued)

    Lecture Notes:
    (continuation of 19/10 lecture slides)

    24th Oct

    Bayou: Weak Connectivity and Update Conflicts

    Reading: Bayou

    Lecture Notes:

    26th Oct

    Programming Coursework Background

    Coursework 1: Distributed Tickertape
    due noon, Monday, 20th November, 2006

    30th Oct

    9 - 10 AM: GFS: The Google File System

    Reading: GFS

    Lecture Notes:

    1 PM - 2 PM: Programming Coursework Background


    No lecture today!

    Hacking Day: Work on Programming Coursework!

    2nd November

    No lecture today!

    Hacking Day: Work on Programming Coursework!