Yue Jia @ UCL
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) | CS Dept, SSE Group, CREST

Program Committee Membership

  • I have served in various program committees including ASE 2015, GECCO 2015, ICST Tool Track 2015 and Mutation 2014, 2015, 2011.

  • I am on the program committee of the MobileSoft 2016 Doctoral Symposium.


  • Program Co-Chair Mutation 2013, 2014

  • Electronic Submissions Chair FSE 2015

  • Publications Chair ICST 2011, 2014


I have reviewed papers for IEEE TSE, ACM TOSEM, STVR, JSS, SCP, ASE, SPE, JIST, SQJ, Science China Information Sciences and 软件学报.

Invited Talks

  • International Summer School on Software Engineering (ISSSE 2014)

  • Chinese Search-based Software Engineering (CSBSE 2013)

  • TAROT Summer School (TAROT 2012)

  • Dagstuhl Evolutionary Test Generation Seminar (Dagstuhl 2008)


  • Automated Software Transplantation won a Gold 'Humie' at the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference 2016

  • Inferring Test Models from Kate’s Bug Reports Using Multi-objective Search won the best paper award at SSBSE Challenge 2015

  • Automated Software Transplantation won the distinguished paper award at ISSTA 2015

  • Babel Pidgin: SBSE can grow and graft entirely new functionality into a real world system won the best paper award at SSBSE Challenge 2014

  • Cloning and Copying between GNOME Projects won the MSR 2010 Mining Challenge

  • Constructing Subtle Faults Using Higher Order Mutation Testing won the best paper award at SCAM'08