Seventh workshop on Foundations of Genetic Algorithms, FOGA7 Torremolinos, Spain, 4-6 September 2002

Group Photograph

FOGA-7 workshop attendees (118kb)

On arrival in Torremolinos, Tuesday 3 September 2002

Anthony Liekens and I met Alan Soper at the train station by Malaga Airport. We took the train into Torremolinos and walked along the beach front to Hotel Sol Elite Don Pablo.

Anthony Liekens and Alan Soper

Hotel Sol Elite Don Pablo

Tuesday 3 September 2002

In the evening Carlos Cotta organised a group of us to have dinner (Paella) in a restaurant on the beach.

Jon Rowe in the lobby of the
Hotel Sol Elite Don Pablo before we set off

Jon Shapiro, Beth Thurston

William Hart, Colin Reeves, Alden Wright, Ken De Jong

Hans-Georg Beyer, Karsten Weicker, Jon Rowe, Anne Auger

Carlos Cotta, Markus Olhofer, Anthony Liekens,

Jon Rowe and Hans-Georg Beyer

The Birthday Boy

Start of FOGA, Wednesday 4 September 2002

The festivities were started by Jon Rowe. The short announcements included me as "official" FOGA7 photographer. This was followed by the other organisers.

Jon Rowe

Ken De Jong

Carlos Cotta

Riccardo Poli

Lunch Wednesday 4 September 2002

Buffet Lunch on the veranda overlooking the beach and Mediterranean

Evening Thursday 5 September 2002

Robert Heckendorn, Annie Wu and I went to see the festival of the Horse. This featured many horses in dessage, in teams or singly, with carts and without, being ridden and on long reins and with a Flamenco dancer.

Group Photograph Friday 6 September 2002

FOGA-7 workshop attendees (top) on the beach steps of the Hotel.

Trip to the Alhambra, Saturday 7 September 2002

Robert Heckendorn hired a car for 24 hours. Friday after the end of FOGA7 he drove it to Malaga for sight seeing. We arranged to meet at 7 O'Clock (before dawn) for breakfast the next day. At 7, party people were still returning to the hotel having been out all night. However some of them had breakfast before going to bed.

Robert and Colin Reeves arrived and we had breakfast, whilst discussing change of plans. Pretty soon the Sun was up and we set off for Granada.

The Alhambra is a big complex of forts and palaces on a hill overlooking Granada. Most famous for its Moorish palaces but also includes later Christian palaces and fortifications. It includes the room where Columbus got government funding and approval to discover the western route to India.

Alhambra Fortifications

Colin Reeves

Small fountain in marble courtyard

Large reflecting pool in the Moorish palace of the Alhambra

Robert Heckendorn at the far end of the pool (shown above)

An example of geometric tiles (also near far end of pool)

Fountain water clock in the shape of 12 Lions

Robert Heckendorn and Colin Reeves in the Alhambra.

A small fountain in the extensive Alhambra gardens

More Pictures

32 digital pictures taken at FOGA-7 from Ken De Jong foga-pics.tar.gz 6.2MB. These were shown on the last day of FOGA.

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