Late Breaking Papers at EuroGP'99

GOTEBORG, SWEDEN, 26-27 May, 1999

As with last year's highly successful workshop, at EuroGP'99 there was an informal publication of late breaking papers. (Late Breaking EuroGP 98 papers) A booklet containing them was distributed free to all those registered with EuroGP'99 and the papers were presented in a poster session at the workshop. The booklet is now available as a 1999 CWI technical report SEN-R9913, ISSN 1386-369X.

The purpose of the late-breaking papers is to provide attendees with information about research that was initiated, enhanced, improved, or completed after the original paper submission deadline in December 1998.

To ensure coverage of the most up-to-date research, the deadline for submission was only a month (23 April 1999) before the workshop. Late-breaking papers were examined only for minimum standards of relevance and quality by the organisers of the EuroGP'99 but no formal review process took place. Nevertheless they were of good quality.

Authors individually retain copyright (and all other rights) to their late-breaking papers but have agreed to their distribution.

Accepted Late Breaking Papers

Late Breaking Papers
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There was a combined registration for all four EvoWorkshops'99. Contact Jennifer Willies:
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Registration to EuroGP'99 included free non-transferable registration to EvoIASP'99 and EuroECTel'99 (and vice versa).

Reduced rates are available for students. Limited student travel funds are also available.


The poster presentations took place within the EuroGP'99 workshop at Main Aula, Goteborg University, Vasaparken, Goteborg, Sweden with the other EvoWorkshops'99.
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